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    I found the problem, for me anyways


    Check the "Secret" Tab in preferences and make sure your Disable layer cache is at 0,


    for some reason mine was set to 1 and stopped my render about the same spot every time,


    Played with my render but now i can switch to GPU and Software only without any trouble.


    Running both 2018 and 2019 cc, worked on both.

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    If you don't know how to access the secret preference tab, just hold shift when you click on any sub category in preferences and you will see a tab entitled "Secret" at the base of your subcategories.

    0 0  ha scritto


    Its a pleasure. Plz post a small vid of your work as u go along.

    Would be interesting to see what you do



    Of course i will with pleasure! thnx again

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    either i get a message when i try to open it saying that it cant open for some reason, or when it does open it keeps shutting out of no where

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    That have to be you. In AE 2019 (16) and any other it works as it shouldoverlay.gif

    So ... give us some specs then maby we will be able to specify what is goning on with your composition/AE.

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    So I just tried starting a new project and in about 10 min it crashed. I had just layed out a basic text layer and a simple shape layer. It locked up, gave me yet another crash report and closed.


    That particular crash did happen with a shape layer, but it has happened moving a text layer, duplicating comps and even just when I try to save the project.


    I forgot to mention before, but I've completely uninstalled AE and every plug-in, script and 3rd party effect and reinstalled AE and just my most used plug-ins. Still keeps crashing.


    What's kind of not making sense to me is Premier, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign have not once crashed on me since building this PC/updating my creative cloud apps.


    I use this program for 90% of my work for clients. This is fraying my nerves.


    Thanks again for working with me on this.

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    exactly is a bug that 2019 has... and I'm trying to get them to fix it but is like they are waiting for something or other... the way you're showing is exactly the way it has worked in the past and is not anymore.

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    But what I showed you was made 30 minutes ago by me in AE 2019 (16.0.0) so it works and it should work for you. And that is why I've asked about your specs.

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    NO is not me... is the program, I thought you meant it was AE 2019...

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    iMAC 2017 32GB of RAM.. Mojave OSX... latest version of AE 2019...

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    NVIDIA is notorious for having complex driver installs and driver issues with their CUDA cards. The latest driver isn't working so roll it back one version. I don't have time to research that for you but I've done it before and for the exact same reason. A new CUDA driver killed AE. I rolled it back to the previous version and AE stayed working until I sold that machine. I just had to live with the constant messages that there was a new driver available and ignore them.

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    Hi cedricb,


    Thanks for posting, we are looking at this issue closely as we are hearing reports of it from other users as well.


    Which expression engine are you using in After Effects before you send to Media Encoder? The engine preference is in the Project Settings under File > Project Settings > Expressions tab > Expression Engine. See if toggling to Legacy ExtendScript resolves the issue.


    Try this as well: instead of ending your expression link with ("Color"), use the property index (1) instead. Like this:


    comp("Comp 2").layer("Adjustment Layer 1").effect("Color Control")(1)



    Yet another option to try: see if changing the language of AME to English has any effect, under Edit > Preferences > Appearance > Language.


    Please let me know if any of these options are able to help with the problem.


    Thanks so much,

    - John

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    No problem, this is definitely a tough one. I'm wondering if the issue is permissions. Random crashes are definitely a cause when permissions are screwed up. If you didn't run the CC Cleaner tool then certain folders could have been left around so the permissions might have remained. Fixing permissions problem (slow startup)


    If you want, another good troubleshooting test is to create a new user account and work there. If you don't get any crashes then you know the problem is localized to your account, rather than After Effects.

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    It was 1080 with 24 fps, I don't know if that counts as large... I am still quite new to the editing environment.

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    Thanks I'll use that!

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    Create your animation in After Effects, render a movie using the Lossless preset (or Lossless With Alpha if you need transparency) in the Output Module in the Render Cue, then open the movie in Photoshop and export it as an animated gif. It would also be a good idea to remove any duplicate frames in your animated GIF (12 seconds is an eternity) and adjust the timing of the remaining frames so the timing works as you want it to work and you do not have any repeated frames. This can reduce the file size by 80% or more in a lot of projects. You can have one frame last 20 seconds if you like, then 10 frames of a transition, then another 20 seconds then another transition. Now you have a 45-second animated gif that has less than 100 frames. You can't do that in AE even if you buy 3rd party plug-ins. AE is just plain lousy at creating animated gifs internally. In Photoshop you have a ton of options for reducing the color depth to 256 colors and controlling opacity.


    One more thing. In the future just drag your screenshots to the forum. It's a lot easier than posting them to another site and creating a link, and it saves us a bunch of time.

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    When I said You I meant your specs, your setup, maby some issues with GPU drivers or anything like that - not specially You as a person
    We know that AE 2019 is little bit buggy on some computers so that was why I asked about your specs.


    And If you use Mojave ... that can be the issue... nevest AE does not like that OSX version.

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    Howdy folks,


    I'm working on a project that is using all classic 3D, and yet motion blur and track mattes don't work on 3d enabled layers.  I can't for the life of me figure out what could be wrong here.  Really short deadline as well, of course!  The project setting is 8 bit color, again, classic 3D layers, although they had started out defaulted to Ray-Traced 3D. Is there some other place where perhaps this setting is screwing things up?  I have double checked that all layers and precomps have no non-classic 3d settings. 


    Many thanks in advance for some help!!


    - Fredo

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    there you go, that's probably what it is... Mojave and AE2019... time for Adobe to fix it.

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    I am not aware of any bug. Make sure you are looking at the Active Camera. Select the problem layers, press the U key twice to check all modified properties, and if you can't figure it out PrintScreen and Paste to the forum. You can also just drag a screenshot to the reply field. I used a track matte on a 3D layer with motion blur about a half hour ago and it worked just fine.

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