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    What is your playback resolution? 300x300 is pretty small.

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  • 11/29/18--16:13: Glitching on playback
  • when I put a photo into effects i can't see my photo, when i click on play I still can't see anything, but when I click stop it glitches out and i can see 2 of the playback slider bars,



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  • 11/29/18--16:21: Re: Glitching on playback
  • We'll need much more information on the computer to help you but first guess is that your computer is underpowered or your GPU driver needs updating

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    I've been struggling with finding a solution for this problem for the past two days now. I have a ProRes file ready for VFX work on AE. When I play it in VLC it looks just fine. But when I create a new comp on AE with it it looks less colorful- the black level not appearing fully black, and as if the brightness was pumped up and contrast down. I have gone through all of AE's settings and many forum posts and found no solution. Tried changing AE's color space, display's color space and so on.
    A few interesting tidbits:
    -The same problem appears inside Premiere.

    -When using Mocha inside of After the video looks just fine with no color shifts.

    -When exporting ProRes out of AE it also looks just fine.

    -When I import one of the original, source files it looks fine.

    So I've come to the solution that the problem is with Adobe programs playing/previewing my ProRes file back.


    Does anyone have any idea on how to solve this darn problem? I'm lost.



    (Attached are the two examples- the first is from VLC and second is from Pr)






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  • 11/29/18--16:49: Re: Glitching on playback
  • I don't understand what is happen, but you are inthe layer panel view, if you click on the left and go to comp view, the comp show your photo?

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    Did you try change comp to 32bpc?

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    Can you show us a print?  Are you previewing in 100% scale on your player?

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    Yes. It has zero effect.

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    It would be nice if scripts can switch the mode of multiple-trimming "simultaneously" (default) to "individually".


    Could anyone please help me out?

    Thank you.

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    Well, the only thing I can think rigth now is use "interpret footage". This color link is huge, try go to "Intepret footage" in this page with ctrl+f and see if works... Managing color in After Effects

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  • 11/29/18--18:00: Re: Glitching on playback
  • my drivers are up to date

    here's my computer specs

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    Have you used a Mocha LE v6 which is bundled with Adobe CC. If your version is v6.0.0, Boris FX says the version contains a GPU use bug and the bug fix updater is published soon.

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    I am not sure about the version of After Effects and OS you have used. If your After Effects is crashed during the launch, you may need to update the driver of the graphic card.

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    this is the message i get when try to open after effects

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    I haven't...I will check that when I'm at work again. Thank you!

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    the answer to the problem was to make the composition bigger, I enlarged it and now its clear

    thank you so much!

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    I've tried to complete the First Tutorial after just recently downloading the App and each I reach a certain point about halfway through I get a ERROR message that says, 'Very Unexpected error...After Effects cannot continue...'.

    Now I pay a subscription that should give me ALL the Apps (in proper working order, I'd assume..) so why does this one NOT work?

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    Toolfarm JP, how do you update the graphics card driver, if that's indeed what I need to do? Thanks.

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    You have to go into your bios and force enable your CPU internal graphics, this will allow the option of Hardware Encoding. Running my first test right now and it exported about twice as fast. Now just need to compare the quality of the exports!

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    This is not the correct answer. Helpful for some, perhaps, but the title of the article is "CUDA issues in After Effects CC 2018 on MacOS". AFTER EFFECTS. Not Premiere. Like many here, and for me, and the original poster, the problem is that it doesn't work with AFTER EFFECTS. The correct answer applies to Premiere. And as this problem persists with AE2019, it should remain open and unanswered.

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