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    Yes, this was the problem.  Thank you Roei.  I'm not sure how my preview was set to fast, but that was the issue.  I just had to set it to I believe draft quality or something like that and it show the motion blur.  Regarding the track matting, haven't gotten to the bottom of that yet, as I ditched the whole idea of using a track matte to be able to finish on time.  I will figure that out today. Projects all got turned in on time and approved.  Hooray!

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  • 11/30/18--05:54: Re: HIGH CONTRAST masks
  • You can custom label colors in preferences, maybe help you. But, masks change color for every new mask...

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    AE 'eats' only about 6% GPU and about 40% of CPU

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    I think it is not your GPU, are nvidia drivers up to date? I recommend you follow the tips for increase performance of adobe: Improve performance in After Effects

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    interestingly enough, it seems you have figured this out on your own. what I really meant was check the master switch mb here:

    but you figured out that when setting the fast preview options to "fast draft", then on 3d layers mb won't show... I wasn't aware of that actually I never use fast draft...

    and what do you know - it doesn't preview alpha matte on 3d layers too... so this was probably your whole issue.


    BTW, from what I read and tested, "fast draft" mode is useful really only for ray traced/C4D 3D rendererer, so this thing should be better off disabled for standard 3d anyway same as draft.

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  • 11/30/18--06:52: Re: Low res when zoom in
  • that for moderator to delete the thread. thanks to all

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    Ah, yes, of course I had that switch on.  This may be hard to believe by the stupidity of the question but I've been a professional AE user for 20 years!  HA!  I shift between making music and animation design so sometimes I lose my edge.  BTW, same with me about Fast Draft mode!  I did a project using Ray Trace renderer recently and I wonder if Fast Draft is an automatic setup.  So when I changed my 3d mode, the mistake I made was not changing the mode back.

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  • 11/30/18--06:55: Re: Low res when zoom in
  • Why do u want this thread to be deleted?

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    So there is this awesome integration called Cineware that allows you to link C4D projects with After Effects. I use it very often, especially the multi-pass function and extracting nulls and cameras.

    HOWEVER - Often I create camera animations inside C4D when I do 3D rendering projects and then I extract them using Cineware and use the camera as the main camera layer in AE. The problem is, during the iteration development of my projects I usually have to change the animation of the camera, which means I have to end up re-extracting the camera from C4D to AE.

    My question:

    ---Is it possible to link your C4D camera to AE in real-time and use it as a main camera in AE, rather than having to re-import and re-extract it again?? I am not using C4D's standard render engine. I ONLY need C4D's camera and I do everything else in AE.


    I hope my question is clear enough...


    THANKS! <3

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    Not sure what you are asking. All visible properties can be easily accessed by their property index even if they don't have dedicated function names and variables just as well as all pop-ups are just arrays. Nothing out of the ordinary here therefore. I suggest you actually study the scripting guide on those basics.



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    Nope. Perhaps at some point in the future...



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    Arg! Well, since you're already talking with Adobe support, I'll probably let them take it from here. I would guess there's some system setting or some hardware driver that's fouling things up, but I'm PC-based, so I'd be guessing at best.


    Good luck!

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  • 11/30/18--07:53: Re: Comp guides
  • olipowell84  wrote


    Rick, I couldn't agree more! Unfortunately, study time is hard to come by these days.

    Let me think about that for a minute and compare the productivity of a half dozen people that do the homework to a half dozen that don't in their first month of using some new software. Do I need to say more? The only people I have ever met that did not have time to study are people that have never learned that you can't get wasted time back. 

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    Hi Cedric,


    Thanks for trying those out and responding back so quickly. I'm sorry options 1 and 3 didn't work out, but let's retry option 2. Looking at your screengrab, it appears there is more explanation needed on how to rewrite the expression.


    Expression property links are built like a chain, where each item in the chain is referenced by its name. You can also reference items by their index number, which is what we're going for in this case.


    You added (1) to the end of the property link, so the expression property was looking for another property underneath ("Color"), which doesn't exist. Instead, replace("Color") with (3), like this:

    comp("__Controller__").layer("__Controller__").effect("Shadow Color")(3)


    This is because "Color" is the third property in the Fill effect.


    I had recommended (1) for the expression from your first post because Color is the first property of the Color Control effect.


    Let me know if this is making sense. We are looking at this issue closely to find the cause.


    Thanks again,

    - John

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    Hey John,


    my mistake, solution 2 worked and the index is indeed (1) (instead of (3))

    I 've just realized that I had added the (1) after ("Color") and not replaced it.


    In this file, I have about 100 pre-comps that use the fill effect.

    Do you know a script that could help me replace all the ("color") by (1), or do I have to do it manually?


    Thanks forward,



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    I'm a proud user of the old CS6-After Effects. But my PC is very new, Windows 10, 32 GB RAM, Geforce GTX 1070 Ti. I have a problem with my RAM-Preview - it is very slow. Very often it stops while writing that it is working on frame 2 (no matter which compostition or project). But if I press space for the standard-preview it is running like a rabbit. How comes? My disc-cache is 200 GB, SSD. If standard-preview is at the end of the composition I can start RAM-preview immediately and it goes smooth.

    Does anybody has an idea?




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    Rendering takes AGES, and i missed a deadline becouse of the HUGE bug with dynamic links.


    The only options is do it the old way.... rendering everything sepratly.


    @adobe Fix this major flaw asap.

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  • 11/30/18--09:27: Re: HIGH CONTRAST masks
  • ah cool...


    Just wondering why high contrast colors arent the default though...


    Thanks !

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    I have a composition (a video track with Mocha effect) I want to import from another project into my main project. After I collect files and then import, I do get the composition and can click on it to open in the main project. However, that results in another, separate composition tab.


    I want to incorporate the video clip with its Mocha effect into the main composition tab, not separately as the 2 tracks will need mutual changes. But when I drag the video clip into a new main project track there is no Mocha effect along with it.


    What am I doing wrong?



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    I do not know if I got it right, but you try drag the comp (with mocha) inside the main comp?

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