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    nope nothing, just motion tile on it.

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    Ok so if you get that lag on rendered file and in ram preview maby there is something wrong with your input file.
    Is that happening on any video file that you import to AE?
    What format and codec are those input files?
    Could you try to rerender/convert  any of clips that give you that lag in AE to some other format/codec with AME or any other file converter. And after that try to put it into AE and check if you will get those lags.

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    Yeah, I watched that video, and pretty much all of them.   It's just in my case those instances don't quite work. Just having to replace an object with a very slightly different one requires very small changes every so often, even though the tracking is good. If I didn't have to be so exact I'd leave it be, all done in Mocha.


    Just did the key frame addition you suggested and it seems to work! Will play more but hopefully this will solve it.

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    I should add that it was working fine until yesterday, same computer, same AE vesion, i think that somthing broke the installation..


    I have enough space, and everything is up to date.


    I've got an i7 machine, with 32gb of RAM, and 1060 graphic card.

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    Bonjour tout le monde,

    Je ne peux plus lancer le logiciel after effects sans avoir les différents messages suivants

    Sans titre-1.jpg

    Sans titre-2.jpg

    Sans titre-3.jpg

    Sans titre-4.jpg

    Sans titre-5.jpg

    J'ai ré-installé deux fois le logiciel, après avoir nettoyé les dossiers, rien n'y fait, avez-vous des solutions, j'ai un projet urgent à finir.

    Je n'ai pas trouvé de solutions

    En vous remerciant par avance pour vos solutions

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    Edit: When I looked at the video originally I did not realize that I was having a problem with my connection. The video just looked like a series of stills.


    If you have purged everything and still have the problem when rendering a frame-based digital intermediate using the Render Cue, then there is something else going on. If the original footage was shot with a consumer camera, a mobile device or something like an OSMO, the MPEG compression of the original footage could be causing some decoding problems when you use the Adobe Media Encoder for rendering. Unless I completely misread how you produced the video the whole thing looks like it could have been done in Premiere Pro. I never cut sequences like that in AE because you are just asking for production and rendering problems. I don't see where you used motion tile. The only possible obvious effects are slow motion and color grading.

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    There is no reason not to be able to get an extremely accurate track in Mocha. I've done incredibly complex shots that involved corner pin, position and roto work on shots with heavy motion blur, fast camera moves and shallow depth of field. I've even combined Mocha's roto and planar tracking with camera tracking and have yet to find a situation where I was not able to get or adjust a track in Moca until it was perfect.

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    Similar machine here, just with a 1070 and have the same problem. Have not been able to get ANY work done. The program crashes consistently every 4-5 minutes. It doesn't auto-save, because why would that be a feature we want, right Adobe?


    Worked perfectly till i updated to 2019. This is a MAJOR PROBLEM, not being able to do work for my clients because you can't troubleshoot your program is disgraceful. Now have to uninstall, install 2018, move all my plugins back... Thanks a ton adobe, saturday ruined.

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    I'm having no problems and increased productivity with CC 2019. Are you sure everything is compatible? Most folks that I know are not having any significant problems with this update. What OS and GPU drivers are you using?


    One more thing, never remove a previous working version of any software until you are sure the new one is going to work for you. Adobe makes this easy, you just have to check the option when you install.

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    I'm doing a small animation that features a simple sea turtle eating a piece of grass in the ocean.

    I'm drawing the sea turtle based on this drawing:


    However I'm not sure how to animate it so that the turtle's mouth will open and close as it picks up the piece of grass.

    I normally would use the Puppet tool, and put pins on either side of the mouth, so that it can open and close, and then keyframe it, but it looks very distorted.


    Is there another way that I could get a side view of the mouth opening, closing and chewing?


    Appreciate any tips or tricks! Thank you!

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    If a prior version is reinstalled, does it behave as expected?

    Install previous version of your Creative Cloud app


    If so, it should at least keep you working until you can figure out what's preventing After Effects CC2019 from running as expected (be it something that has to change on your end or something that Adobe needs to patch).


    Assuming you get CC2019 working at some point, I've round it really, really helpful to keep this in mind when there's a major update:

    Previous versions uninstalling when installing CC 2015 applications




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    I would split the image into two layers. One layer would have the top part of the jaw and the other would have the bottom. Then you could use puppet pin to move both parts of the jaw to get a convincing animation. It will take a bit of effort to cut out the two images and make sure that there is a clean background on the bottom copy.

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    This just saved my life

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   what's wrong with CineForm?


    It uses full-frame wavelet compression, which looks fine on 'real' footage zoomed to 100%, but causes issues at pixel level for synthetics. You either get blurry edges, or a massive data rate (getting close to uncompressed). See an old but still relevant comparison here.


    Cineform is a very old codec, it used to cost a fortune ($5000+) but then GoPro bought it, played around for a while then EOLed it into Github. GoPro also pulled their OS-level codec installer, so their official advice to people who cannot open files recorded in what was their own video format is er, dunno.


    Now the SDK is being kept on Github life support by a handful of people, the industry doesn't expect it will be around long-term. Apple dropped support last month, calling it a 'legacy codec'.

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    Shouldn't I apply the animation on top of the final grade in order for the grading not to have effect on all the titles and graphics? I understand that for compositing you'd want the two to blend seamlessly but what I'm working on are more like overlaying motion graphics that should retain their original colors.

    If you're making overlays (lower thirds, callouts, etc) then you don't pre-compose. You send back just the overlays, in a matted or alpha-channel track, so the editor can place them into another layer that avoids the grade completely.


    Rendering to clips with handles in most NLEs is a specific choice in the output module. In Premiere Pro it doesn't exist for a timeline, but you can get source footage clips with handles using the project manager "consolidate and transcode" tool. Be careful though, if the edit includes speed changes, freeze frames, etc. you won't see that in the source.

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    When i take a clip and want to add a reverb sound effect to like 10 seconds of it, and the other part stays the same, how do I do it ?
    I right clicked and did "effects - Audio - Reverb, yet, i cant find any way to choose "reverb 0%" or such at some points.



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  • 12/01/18--15:20: Motion Design Technique
  • Hi there. I have a question about 2d motion design in after effects. Now, in advance, i am sorry if we are not allowed to send links in this channel, but I have not seen anything saying we can't.


    In this video



    You can see that the whole screen moves right like a mirror but it is repeated. Do you know how you would do this?





    By the way if you are not allowed to post links you can delete this post

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    You can easily do that in Premiere Pro:

    No Keyframes on Reverb

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  • 12/01/18--16:44: Re: Motion Design Technique
  • Hi potataChipz! An easiest way is to work with pre-comps, If you have a Main Comp, create a new comp inside her, make the animation, back to the main comp and duplicate the composition.



    Now you have the same animation in 2 comps and 2 layers.Now you can animate using position from rigth to the left, BUT the duplicated comp will work like your "mirror" you will need to match the edges of the comps, the Right side of the first with the Left side of the Second. Also you can flip horizontal to really make a mirror.

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  • 12/01/18--17:57: Re: Motion Design Technique
  • Hi, you can use the Mirror Effect (or if you want to explore that style of graphic have a play with the CC Kaleida Effect, it can do amazing geometric type things).

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