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    I use n index for the layer number... this expression is applied to the opacity on every layer.. so if I want layer 25 to be on and the rest off I move the slider to 25

    This should work but it doesn't.

    I could use a little help




    n = thisComp.layer("Opacity Controller").effect("OPACITY_Control")("Slider");


    if(n==index)100 else 0

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    imeilfx:  It's a good suggestion.


    All of the Apple PowerBooks/iBooks and the 1st generation MacBook Pros had the extended keys remapped over the standard keys.  I've missed having them around ever since Apple took them away.  At least Home, End, Page Up and Page Down stuck around via the Fn key and the Arrow keys.  Karbiner's been a great help, but if I know I'm doing extended AE work on my MacBook Pro I just connect a full keyboards (as ridiculous as that is).


    It would be great to see a 15-inch and/or 17-inch from Apple with either the extended keys remapped again or just the full set of keys.  (I'm definitely not holding my breath for that one.)


    Hopefully, luckyafka comes back and marks one of our answers as "Correct"!

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    I realize this is an older thread, but this lil' script saved me a ton of time. A one click of "save" over and over again is way better than what the alternative would have been for my needs. Thank you very much!

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    Since screenshots make it as easy as it gets...


    On the Apple standard keyboard:

    • HOME is Function Left Arrow (Fn + ←).
    • END is Function Right Arrow (Fn + →).


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  • 12/06/18--13:03: Re: Home button
  • Yes, there is no way to edit the toolbar, at least that I know of or that is in the documentation, which I have read and always do read carefully before each upgrade or update is installed.

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    Add something else to the layer that generates something. Maybe just a simple lens flare. Try resetting CC Light Burst. Try adding Light Burst to another layer. Show us all the modified properties (uu) of the layer that has the problem. maybe we are missing something.

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    The recorded video shows that you are applying the effects on an adjustment layer.


    I would suggest:


    Hide all layers except this layer, and playback the video


    If you did the edits in after effects, check if there are missing frames or an unwanted layer on top.


    take this layer into a new composition and check at this frame


    apply effects on a new brand adjustment layer

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    Hi @ Kyle

    Thanks for responding to my needs.


    I have tried everything above. My drives are fine and so is my graphics card.

    I have a GEFORCE GTX 10 Series Gpu installed in my computer which is working fine as if now.

    And no to that last thing. Lets say tomorrow i press create new composition, it will crash. Lets say after that I restart, add an effect, (cc specificly) it crashes. Then after that if I pre compose something or move one of my layered clips, it crashes. As I said earlier I would be able to provide and video or something of my after effects cc 2018 crashing just by doing nothing. If you can help that would be great.


    Thank you!

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    Tell AE to "hide after effects".

    All window disappear.

    Click in finder.

    Click back on AE.

    Select "show all".

    Windows now stick.


    It's lame but it works.

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    I was having this similar issue.


    The problem for me was that I would create an illustrator file. Have a particular layer turned off in the sub layer so when I imported it into AE it was 1x1 pixel. I switched back on the layer visibility, reloaded the file and it worked for me.

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    This issue has been escalating nearly by the day... when I first installed 2019, I didn't have an issue. What is happening now, is I keep getting the beach ball randomly. Sometimes it's when trying to save; sometimes when trying to render a new frame; it's happened while importing; it's happened even while loading a project. I just tried installing AE 2018 and CC told me to close ... AE 2018 -.-


    I'm running Mac OS 10.14.2 - Mojave

    Mav Pro (Late 2013)

    Proc. - 2.7 GHz 12-Core Intel Xeon E5

    64 GB 1886 MHz DDR3

    AMD FirePro D500 3072MB


    I literally just purged and re-installed the OS and re-installed the Creative Suite form a fresh formatted disk. This is extremely unacceptable behavior by any means. I've been having Media Encoder crap out randomly as well. Encoding will just stop altogether, leaving progress bar, elapsed time and render time freezing. This happens multiple times throughout the day. I've been able to re-open and begin encoding a gain to some success, but I have to do a hard restart on my machine to get any app's to re-open period.


    Anyone else having any such trouble? I'm ready to throw my computer out a window, or just jump ship and move to Resolve 15. Support

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  • 12/06/18--15:03: After effect plugins
  • Hi, I buyed adobe pack and install aftereffect. How can I download the plugs as OPTICAL FLARES, Ref Giant and more? Are free this plugs?

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  • 12/06/18--15:13: Re: After effect plugins
  • Hi, no they are not free. Optical Flares is here:

    VIDEO COPILOT | After Effects Tutorials, Plug-ins and Stock Footage for Post Production Professionals

    Red Giant is here:

    Tools for Filmmakers and Motion Graphics Artists | Red Giant

    If you just beginning with After Effects it is not an easy program to understand - this is a very good place to start:



    After Effects tutorials | Learn how to use After Effects CC

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  • 12/06/18--15:16: Re: After effect plugins
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    I've noticed this for a while now and never bothered to ask anyone; if I have two keyframes spread far apart with different values, AE is supposed to divide every frame in between evenly, right? Because sometimes, like the case below, it will create values that are not evenly distributed. I have a flare coming in and starting at the position of 806. Then, 28 frames later, I have the flare ending at the position of 957 (before it zooms off the screen). Wouldn't AE just take 957-806, giving a difference of 151, and then divide it by 28 for an even change every frame? Because in the third picture below, the flare for some reason goes over the value of 957 without me telling it to, to the value of 969. So the flare is going over the desired final position and then coming back the wrong way to finish off at 957. Why is it doing this and why wouldn't it just divide it evenly?




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    I have an Auto sizing box I made but I am running into a little problem. I imagine their is a fix but my experience in expressions is limited, and my searching online has yet to yield any answers for me.





    Right now I have a rectangle shape layer that is the child of a text layer. The box automatically resizes with the text using sourceRectAtTime() and I have an offset paths for the padding. These text boxes are sitting in the bottom right and bottom left corners of a text-safe zone I have for the final video and I want to keep them there when I edit the text.



    Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 1.34.04 PM.png



    I am easily able to keep the left and right edge there by simply changing the text to right or left justified depending on the side of the screen they are on, but if I add a line or add hanging letters (j, g, y etc.) then the bottom of the box drops out of text-safe.


    Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 1.41.48 PM.png


    I also am running into the issue of keeping a paragraph that is center justified, on the left/bottom corner of text-safe. I imagine it would be the same solution as the previous question on keeping it pinned to the bottom, but the current expressions I'm using (same as the code at the bottom of this post) doesn't work for keeping it pinned to the left/right side of text-safe.



    Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 1.51.42 PM.png



    Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 1.52.01 PM.png



    Any links, tips, code or even hints would be greatly appreciated. I have the following expressions on the size and position of the rectangle paths.





    Rectangle path: size


           var s = thisComp.layer("Movie Title");
    var w = s.sourceRectAtTime().width;
    var h = s.sourceRectAtTime().height;


    Rectangle path: position


    var s = thisComp.layer("Movie Title");
    var w = s.sourceRectAtTime().width/2;
    var h = s.sourceRectAtTime().height/2;
    var l = s.sourceRectAtTime().left;
    var t = s.sourceRectAtTime().top;




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    Try it this way:


    n = thisComp.layer("Opacity Controller").effect("OPACITY_Control")("Slider");

    n == index ? 100 : 0




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    AE CC 2019 has a new/alternative Expression Engine which is also the default. This is the Javascript Expression Engine as opposed to the older Legacy ExtendScript Expression Engine. Your Expression will work with the older Expression Engine. For the Javascript Expression Engine, you'll have to practice better syntax in your Expressions. In your specific case, you must include braces for your conditional responses. Hence, your second line should be written as;


    if(n==index) {100} else {0 }



    - RolandK

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    from composition settings: what frame rate are you using ? 

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    30 FPS

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