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  • 12/19/18--21:08: Re: Create motion graphic
  • If you've never used After Effects before, your first step is to start with the basics and get to know the software.


    Get to know After Effects |

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  • 12/20/18--00:10: Re: Create motion graphic
  • This is not a beginner type project. It’s more Internediate especially the “neon skeleton”

    You will need to understand AE properly. Track Mattes. Blend modes. Precomps. A few plugins. Nothing too complex but for a beginner it can prove daunting


    There are lots of resources out there to get you up to speed. Best to walk before you run



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  • 12/20/18--00:13: Re: Create motion graphic
  • I'm using After Effect for about one year and I'm familiar with the fundamentals.

    but I my question is about this particular effect in the video (specially wire frame of car) 

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  • 12/20/18--00:47: Re: Create motion graphic
  • For this I would recommend the following:


    The car needs to be created in a C4D, MAYA etc. Somewhere you can model.

    If you have the car and materials in an .obj format use Video Co Pilot Element 3D to import it

    Once important and all materials applied do this:


    Go to the Wireframe material settings and check Enable.


    Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 10.34.47.png

    By default the wireframe and main geometry will both be on. To render just the wireframe, change the Fill Mode to Lines Only. Line Color will determine whether the diffuse comes from the Line Color picker below or from the current Material settings.


    Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 10.46.05.png


    Easier way to do this is from AE interface with Element 3D instead of using Elements UI is (see pics).

    However with this method you can't change the line colours etc


    Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 10.43.39.png


    Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 10.43.45.png


    From this point you will need to use some glows, masks and a camera.

    Pretty simple




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  • 12/20/18--00:36: Re: Create motion graphic
  • Shortest and I guess easiest way would be to use plugin Called Element 3d and 3D model of car that you wish to animate like that.
    Small exampole of wireframe (and other cool stuff that you can do with that plugin:

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    I updated to Mojave and my rendering speeds are ridiculously slower than befofe.


    Any ideas?

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  • 12/20/18--01:48: Re: Create motion graphic
  • Here's a small test I did for your. Took me 6 mins

    So don't stress its easier than you think




    Best of luck



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    I managed to sort out my problem by turning of Guides & Rulers.

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    Hi all,


    I am using AE CC 2018 v15.1.2 and always experiencing crashes while closing the app on a particular project. Other simpler projects closes just fine.



    The other day the problem was unable to allocate 0.005gb memory (I don't really remember).

    It crashes after the saving process before the app closes.


    My PC Specs:

    AMD TR 1950X overclocked to 3.9Ghz

    64 GB ram OC'd to 2667Mhz

    2 x GTX 1080

    nvme ssd for Windows 10 Pro

    ssd raid for footage

    single ssd for disk cache

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  • 12/20/18--03:41: After Effects renaming
  • Hi there


    I updated after effects and I'm having trouble renaming the effects controls, such as the "Slider Control"(normal I would rename it for example "scale offset" etc) which effect the expressions that I type down below in the timeline.


    In the past I was able to just click on the effect controls name and rename, this there a new way of doing it? Pic down below.


    Kind Regards





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  • 12/20/18--03:45: Re: After Effects renaming
  • As far as I remember it never worked by clicking on effect name. It was and is by selecting effect and pressing Enter on keyboard.

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    Yes that's what I usually do as well. But I have a couple exceptions where my workflow is inverted, meaning I create the camera movement in C4D since I prefer the workflow there and then import it into AE.

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    I managed to find a step that is not fully synched but really takes a load off in importing elements from C4D to AE -> AEC4D (AEC4D - aescripts + aeplugins - )


    Really nice script, I can instantly click a button on C4d with specific objects selected and it will straight up import them to AE with all the animations baked. Alot easier than having to first manually bake objects and then re-importing the entire C4D file to AE (which sucks so much if the C4D file is heavy). Check it out!

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    I experience the same issue, why hasn't this been fixed?

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    ich habe wie viele ein Problem beim Rendern meiner Videos. Allerdings habe ich nun schon einige Faktoren als Ursachen ausschliessen können, die in anderen Beiträgen beschrieben wurden.


    Erstmal zu den technischen Daten:

    Programm:           Adobe AE CC19 (betrifft aber auch Premiere)

    Grafikkarte:           NVIDIA Ceforce CTX 770

    RAM:                     32

    Laufwerk:              Samsung SSD 840 PRO Series

    Prozessor              i7-4770K, 3,50 GHz


    Dateien im Renderversuch:

    Video 1:                     MP4, 16Bit, 100 f/Sec, 1920 x1080 (Vorschau läuft flüssig)

    Video 2:                     MP4, 16 Bit, 25 f/Sec, 1920 x1080 (Vorschau läuft flüssig)

    V3 =Bildsequenz:      PSD

    Video 4                      MTS-Datei, MPEG, 25 f/sec, 1920 x1080, 6 Kanal (Vorschau läuft flüssig)      



    Ausgabe-Format:        AVI, 8 Bit (habe aber auch 16 Bit ausprobiert)

    Ausgabemodul:           Verlustfrei

    Rendereinstellung:      Optimale Einstellung

    Framerate:                  V1:100/sec, V2 nd V4: 25f/sec, Bildsequenz/V3: 25f/sec


    Ergebniss: Jedes Video läuft stockend; mal mehr, mal weniger. Anlaufschwierigkeiten beim Abspielen. Dann wieder flüssige Sequenzen, fast zu schnell. Aber eigentlich

                       hauptsächlich hakend, scheinbar Frames auslassend.


    Was ich bisher gemacht habe:

    - RAM kontrolliert: ca 28 GB von 32 stehen den Programmen zur Verfügung

    - Disc-Cache lehren

    - Disc-Cache zur SSD zuweisen, in diesem Zuge Onedrive gelöscht, da dies von Windows 10 automatisch als Cache zugewiesen wurde

    - Grafiktreiber Installieren: Führte aber dazu, dass der Bildschirm nur noch schwarz angezeigt wurde und ich das System zurückgesetzt habe

                                               Version ist nun immernoch Version, Treiberdatum 05.09.2018

                                              ( Unter Treiberdetails steht noch: Dateiversion:2.1 NVIDOA Build_224 (Von wann auch immer das sein mag; ich konnte es nicht rausfinden))

    - gerenderte Videos auch mal in Premiere geöffnet um zu checken, ob es evtl. an meinem Wiedergabeprogram liegt


    Ich habe dieselben Videos auch als Test in der Uni gerendert, und dort laufen sie einwandfrei!


    ????? Ich bin ziemlich am verzweifeln, zumal ich im Abschlussjahr meines Stduiums bin und mir die Zeit davon rennt.?????


    Freue mich über gute Tips!

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    I've found a somewhat solve for this issue. It was something wrong with software in the operating system. Basically I reset my pc and this issue hasn't occurred further.

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    So i've found a somewhat solve for this issue. It was something wrong with software in the operating system. Basically I reset my pc and this issue hasn't occurred further.

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    • NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M (minimum 4 GB)
    • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675MX (minimum 4 GB)
    • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX (minimum 4 GB)
    • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 (minimum 4 GB)
    • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780
    • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M


    According to Adobe staff, these are the recommended Graphics cards you should be using with After Effects. I currently have the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 & they picked up on this straight away by looking at my Device Manager. The Memory leak is within the Graphics GPU vRAM & causes the crash & memory leak.

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    How can I navigate the position of "scale"  and "position" in adobe after effect 2017.


    Please am having issues locating the position of "scale" and "position " in Ae 2017. The scale is use for tracking. 

    Was watching a tutorial video about tracking and need to implement it but couldn't locate it.

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    If you ask about position and scale parameters - you will find it in transform properties of a layer


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