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    i also had this issue and found that htis worked right away.

    im using CC2018

    After Effects CS6 || Converting a Shape into a Bezier Path - YouTube

    basically redraw your shape but hold down ALT while your drawing your shape, it makes it a bezier shape.

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    In a light comp with 99% shape layers, no expressions and no 3rd party effects or scripts I can not get real time playback on my PC and the timeline or scrubbing any values has a 2 second delay ish. On my MacBook Pro this same file works fine, what is the issue here or what needs to be upgraded?


    Windows 10

    Intel Core i7 6850K @ 3.60 GHz

    Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080ti

    64 GB DDR4 Ram

    Cache and files are on separate SSD drives.



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    This was my response from Blackmagic:


    "There could be a couple things at play. One would be that the UltraStudio Express is a legacy item that we no longer test. The other would be rolling back to 10.11.1 and seeing if that works for you."


    I haven't tried going back to 10.11.1 yet. Hopefully I will have time to do so soon.

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    Nothing to do with your Express. We use a combination of Internal Intensity 4k and the older external Intensity Pro thunderbolt for the mac. This is a software, not hardware issue.

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    Thank you everyone.  You all have been a big help and given me multiple ways to resolve my issue.  Thanks so much.

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    But it's such a pleasant sound

    Does it still Baahh like a sheep when render fails?

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    PROBLEM SOLVED. Examine (view) all PNG files in the folder containing such image sequence (e.g., ASSETS). Note the files that are corrupt. Copy PNG sequence file preceding or following the damaged PNG file to a location of your choice, rename it to the damaged PNG file, then move and replace the copied PNG to the corrupt file location. Do this for all damaged PNG files. Voila! It worked for me.

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    I just uninstalled 10.11.4 and reinstalled 10.11.1 and everything is great now! 

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    Je cherche a faire une séquence, où l'on voit un homme invisible, assez tradi avec chapeau bandelette etc, qui se désabille et fini nu/ disparu, mais apres avoir chercher des tutos, toute les solutions qui s'offre a moi ne me permette pas d'avoir des mouvements de caméra car elle prennent en compte un fond statique en reférence pour ensuite faire masque ou autre...


    Je voudrais pouvoir voir ce personnage se dévêtir en tournant la camera autour de lui etc, que la camera et du coup le fond ne soit pas statique.


    any idea ?



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    Hey guys, I've searched and searched but can't find an answer to this particular question. I'm trying to animate a line along the path of a flying disc. I regularly do this from stationary cameras and use a solid layer with a pen tool drawn path. I generate a stroke and animate it with key frames along the path. Now, I'm trying to mimic this same effect, but with a camera that is zooming and following the frisbee through the air.


    I have camera tracked the clip and have some good 3D tracking points. I selected three of them and created a null layer. On this null layer I drew a path that follows the flight of the disc through the air with the 3D tracking. What I cannot figure out is how to properly animate a line in 3D space that follows the flight of the disc. I tried creating a solid layer from the 3D tracked points, but the more the camera zooms in, the more the solid gets blurry and the generate stroke gets very blurry and doesn't work.


    Is there a way to make a shape layer and attach it to the 3D traced path? Can I use trim paths tool to animate the line through the air while the camera zooms. The line will be leaving the frame as the camera zooms, and that is fine. I don't want the line itself to become blurry from zooming, but to just remain locked to the 3D tracked background.


    TL;DR - Need to animate a line that follows a frisbee through the air. I 3D tracked the scene and created a null layer. Then drew a path on the null (seems to be paired to the 3D camera). The path zooms with the camera. I need to animate along this path without the animated line getting blurry as it zooms in.


    EDIT: Something like this would be amazing. Hole-by-Hole flyover with ball trace animation sample on Vimeo







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    Hi. Two thoughts: use a particle system that's creating a solid line as the emitter travels, or have a look at

    Buy Red Giant Trapcode 3D Stroke | 3D Lines Plugin for After Effects

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    Hi. You could shoot your man against a green screen setup which has good tracking markers, then use a camera tracker and create a 3D background? This gives you the general idea in the Tracking Markers tutorials:

    Hollywood Camera Work :: Visual Effects For Directors :: Sample Clips

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  • 12/20/18--17:37: Re: Easy Ease on mac
  • Hi,


    I know this was years ago but I just had the same issue.


    You need to select 'USE F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys' in the keyboard section of system preferences.


    Screenshot 2018-12-21 at 12.35.52.png

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    Any advice would be greatly appreciated


    What I'm trying to do >


    I want to render a comp from AE as an h.264 mp4 file (it's native resolution is 7680 x 1080 64:9). I'm doing this via Media Encoder as AE have dropped the codec.


    My issue >


    When I try to export it media encoder forces it down to 4096 x 1080 (and has unwanted letterboxing) there is no way of manually adjusting this to match 7680 x 1080 64:9 under Basic Video Settings.


    Any ideas?


    Anybody know what the best way to export this codec at this size and ratio in AE/Media Encoder?

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  • 12/20/18--19:10: Grainy Texture Process Help!
  • Hi guys!


    I am wanting to animate something similar to this:



    First, and foremost, is this possible with After Effects? If not, what do you think Giant Ant's technique is?


    Secondly, I just really want those awesome grainy textures in the shapes! However, I like to animate sort of frame-by-frame with RoughAnimator on my ipad and then upload it onto AE as a mov. layer. Can I just do a preset to add texture inside my frame-by-frame layer?




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    From Giant Ant's website, it looks like they use After Effects and Cinema 4D:



    You're an artist, but also a bit of a nerd. You're good at things like modelling and shading and animating and you're used to planet mo-graph where you're not in a tiny silo on one part of the assembly line. C4D and Octane are weapons you don't shy away from. You're keen to make 3D things that look like 3D things, and also 3D things that help us make 2D things feel more special. You might even know your way around some code; you're a nerd, remember?



    You're kind of a big After Effects deal. You've been around the metaphorical block. You can make balls bounce. You can make cubes bounce, even; you're that good. You can comp them to bounce anywhere your heart desires, using an expression or two to do it. You might even know some cel. That'd be nice, too.


    As for grain:  Apply Noise and Grain effects in After Effect


    If you email them, they'll probably get back to you.  They seem like a friendly group.






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  • 12/20/18--21:31: Re: Create motion graphic
  • Great!

    thank you, so helpful.

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    You have to change level profile of your mp4 preset/ to higher one and then change/set your resolution


    or use h265 codec in mp4 wrapper.

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    Incorrect. APNG exists and is supported in modern browsers. It can be PNG or APNG container.

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    Ok so I think the problem is fixed now. After having a long call / screen share session with an employee from Adobe I ended up downgrading to After Effects 2018. This seems to have solved the freezing and crashes.

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