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    OK, whatever you say. I provided a gif of me doing this afternoon what you say can not be done.

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    You provided a gif of you opening AE as administrator but you did not show how explorer was opened - as admin or regular user (with restrictions). If your Windows Explorer would be opened as regular (non admin) - you would not be able to drag and drop. So you probably have Explorer running as Admin or you completly disabled UAC. And if any of those scenarios is correct - that is not the situation in most cases and most users who run OS as regular user and in that environement open chosen aplications as Admin.

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    I want create own emoji using JPG file.

    Is it possible?

    If Yes,How?

    If No, is there any possible ways?

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  • 12/24/18--01:51: Re: After Effects Laptop
  • Thank you for the answer! Actually I don't want to do anything extreme. I'm sorry for asking too many questions but with those specs, can I do videos such as this? World War One (ALL PARTS) - YouTube

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  • 12/24/18--01:55: Re: After Effects Laptop
  • Thank you for answering! The truth is that this is all I can buy. I don't want to make anything extreme. Can you tell me if I can make videos like this? World War One (ALL PARTS) - YouTube Thanks in advance!

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    The best way to create a character in AE is to draw it directly inside AE using shape layer or create it in different software like illustrator or photoshop (i prefer illustrator) than imported to AE, also you can copy and past your character from illustrator directly inside AE and it's also a good way or you can use a external script can do this step more faster in better like  . so animated a character using still image like JPEG will be tricky and i don't preferred at all.

    also to animate character it's better to use some external script like or Duik (this one is 100% Free)

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    Check this GIF for more understanding. I am trying to vanish upper line of hamburger menu vanish in left direction whereas simultaneously down line i wanted to vanish in right direction, but i am unable to vanish in right direction? and down line tail is not straight cut, it is more like comet tail, how to change tail of it?


    Imgur: The magic of the Internet

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    Create each line on a separate shape layer ,

    or create a new shape path inside the shape layer and apply the trim path to each one individualy

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    the problem is you try to trim a rectangle and not a stroke so to fix that you must create a path instead of rectangle, also you can simply flip the direction of path to reverse the direction of trim, check this quick tutorial (also i show how to make round line)

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    What is the version of your Windows 10. Are you running 32 bits Windows? What program do you try to install?

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  • 12/24/18--04:00: After Effects render order
  • hey everyone, i hope you are doing great.

    I'm trying to understand the render order in After Effects, so I made a composition "containing_comp", inside of it i created a "Null object" with a "slider control effect" on it, and a rectangle "shape layer" that I precomposed it as "nested_comp", after that i linked the scale of the shape layer in the "nested_comp" to the "slider control" on the "Null" in the "containing_comp" and it is working, but according to the render order of the "containing_comp" ,as i understood it, the first step is to render the shape layer in the "nested_comp" and in this step I suppose that After Effects doesn't see the Null yet, but it does take the value from the slider which doesn't match with my understanding of the render order.


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    If you’re running the newest version of AE, take advantage of Apple ProRes now being available.  It’s common to transcode MP4 to Apple ProRes422 (LT).

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    Hi, I've imported an illustrator file, and converted the contents to shape layers. I've made the layers 3D to animate a 3D site plan.


    I seem to be able to move the overall layer's position in 3D, but once I open up the layer to view the various shape groups, the individual Position controls only allow two axes of movement. Is there a way to convert the shapes to separate layers allowing for 3D animation?3D Movement.PNG

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    Is there any online websites to convert using JPG.

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    I am working on a project in After Effects CC 2018 and I need to export a 10 second 1920x1080 60fps video in h.264. However, when I first launched After Effects I got the "Unknown exception occurred" message and then AE opened as normal. When I finally got to rendering my composition, there is no AVI or Quicktime in the format drop down menu. This has never happened before and I have been using AE for 8 years and always output files this way.


    I have also tried to output via Adobe Media Encoder however it automatically updated to CC 2019 and I have tried to downgrade it and CC 2018 won't install. Therefor, I am unable to use Adobe Media Encoder.


    I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling Quicktime many times with still no success.


    My PC Specs are:


    Windows 10

    GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

    Intel Core i5-6400 CPU @ 2.70 Ghz

    8GB DDR3 RAM


    Many thanks

    Ben Williamson

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    I'm creating animated explainer for years, doing quite a lot of videos every month.

    Since I want to re-use my graphics/animation in future projects, I always use the same project file.

    It has dozen of images and compositions in it, so it will be easy for me to pull up any animation/graphics/icons/background that I already created and combine them in the new video.

    The problem is - the file gets so big, it's becoming very hard to work with.

    Saving every project in a different file is not pratical, because I need to have access to all previously created animations/graphics easily, and not import multiple project files every time.


    I was wondering what's the right way to do it, or if my case is too extreme to actually find a solution for it.

    Thank you

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    Are you changing these animations at all? If not, what about creating a library of pre-rendered animations with alpha channels (if necessary)? The files will take a lot of space, but your rendering will be very quick if you have a library of ProRes 4444 files (or 422 if you don't need alpha channels).


    I know you said having multiple projects isn't practical, but I think your only two options for a speed increase are pre-rendering videos or having multiple projects. Check out AEViewer on Aescripts: AEViewer - aescripts + aeplugins -

    It's a tool that might help you manage all of this.


    Also, are you aware of Master Properties? I'm not sure if you have the same base animation duplicated multiple times with little tweaks, but if you do, Master Properties can greatly simplify this workflow. You can have one base animation, then add a bunch of parameters to the Essential Graphics panel. After that you can drop the same pre-comp in as many comps as you want, reveal the published parameters (now referred to by AE as Master Properties) and make changes all without affecting your base comp or any of the other instances. It's completely changed the workflow for After Effects in such a good way:

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    Thank you David

    Although Master Properties can help, most of my re-used animations are drastically changed (which also means I sometimes duplicate it, change it, and keep both comps on my projects), so I think that pre-rendering it or using Master Properties won't help in this case..


    I'm sure I'm not the only one who works this way, but it seems impossible to manage..

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    I deleted my prefrences. It did not fix the problem. I do have to reset everything now but that's part of the cost of troubleshooting I suppose.

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    can you share a small part from your project where you have issue?, so we can test it.

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