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    Generally the mediocre hanging is due to a corrupt plugin and/or too many plugins installed


    The Mediacore loads up all the 3rd party installed plugins in the Adone-->Common folder so has nothing to do with GPU


    Check the mediacore folder and make sure all your plugins are installed correctly and licensed

    In particular Boris plugins can cause issues if the RLM server is not running and you haven't licensed the software but this is not too common



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    Short: Not possible
    If you start AE in Admin mode you should not be able to drag n'drop files. Why? Ask Microsoft people.
    That is the rule for most/or probably all software started that way.
    And we are talking not about using admin profile/account but about running software with admini privilagesz.jpg

    If you run software like that you won't be able to drag n' drop

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    So I am relatively new to working with time remapping expressions but I have been receiving advice from some people on this forum as well as others and currently have a set of expressions for jumping between random points in a clip and creating fades between the jump cuts- the expressions are working beautifully BUT are taking FOOORREEEVERRR to render~~~ I'm confused because jumping between random points in the timeline and creating opacity fades seems like it wouldn't be particularly computationally taxing- however for some reason these take forever to render with codec settings that take just a few seconds to render out anything else


    I have even tried converting all expressions to keyframes and it still produces ridiculously large render times- 1 hour + for 1 minute of footage



    My setup is this:


    two copies of the same clip stacked ontop of each other



    time remap expression=

    segDur = .69;// duration of each "segment" of random time

    minVal = inPoint;

    maxVal = outPoint - segDur;

    seed = Math.floor(time/segDur);

    segStart = seed*segDur;


    startVal = random(minVal,maxVal);

    endVal = startVal + segDur;

    linear(time,segStart,segStart + segDur, startVal, endVal);


    opacity expression=

    segDur = .69;

    fadeDur = .77;

    t = time%segDur;





    time remap expression=

    fadeDur = .77;

    thisComp.layer(index-1).timeRemap.valueAtTime(time - fadeDur) + fadeDur




    I have even tried converting all expressions to keyframes and it still produces ridiculously large render times- 1 hour + for 1 minute of footage


    Any tips on how to revamp the expression to make it more efficient or any other approach to speeding up the renders? Right now it is impossible for me to even preview the clips in after effects with these scripts because they are so slow they must be rendered out.


    Any tips would be infinitely appreciated. Thank you so so much!

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    So it has been a week and here is a screenshot of my attempt to create an .AVI through Premier Pro CC 2018:

    Premier Export.png

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  • 12/23/18--13:51: Lag in after effects cs6
  • There’s lag in the timeline of after effects cs. Please help me

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    Using Premier Pro 2019, I was able to remove the .AVI file, import the After Effects sequence, and then export to a final .AVI file.  I succeeded, but the finished product was not of very good quality.  I am now attempting to use the Premier sequence in Media Encoder, create a good .AVI file, and just use a 3rd-party application to convert to .MP4. 


    I'll let you know how it turns out.

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  • 12/23/18--13:59: Re: Lag in after effects cs6
  • This is about Premiere Pro, but you need to provide the same kind of information


    -Premiere Pro Video Editing Information FAQ

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    Here are the settings on Media Encoder as I attempt to create the completed video .AVI file.


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    So after all this, I can get the 30 GB .AVI file exported.  It even works!  But no matter what I use to convert it to MP4, I get a green/blank screen on the video and only the sound.  Do you or anyone else have any ideas???

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    Short: Did you try it?


    I just did before I posted that and it works under those conditions. But I admire your confidence.


    I tried it this way:

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    Transcode that mp4 video to a nice intermediate codec and things get faster.  The reason:  there are a lot of frames that have just partial information for a frame.  AE wants complete information for every frame.  If AE doesn't have it, it has to create it.  And it just gets worse when anything to do with time is involved... like time remapping.

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    Thank you so much for this! What codec would you recommend? Right now I am using h264


    I am using a Windows machine if that is relevant

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    Hello Dave, thank you very much for your quick response!


    I'm not quite sure if I understand what you mean. The mask path should cut out what is inside the mask, but it doesn't. Wether if the mask is highlighted in the timeline or not.


    As you can see, it's a hyperlapse through a train and I'm trying to match the mask to a frame at the end of the train that comes closer (gets bigger) with every frame forwards. At the end should it smoothly transit to another clip that is beneath it in the timeline.


    Could you please give me an advice? What can I do?

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  • 12/23/18--20:01: Re: After Effects Suspended
  • The same thing is happening to me STILL. This all started after the CC 19 update.... It pretty much mainly happens when using dynamic link between AE and premiere. I'll edit premiere clips in after effects compositions, and not even 5 or so minutes after editing, AE just freezes. No "not responding", no blue spinning circle, no errors. When I check the task manager, it says AE is "suspended" and never goes away unless I shut the program down. This is extremely frustrating, and I even have to completely restart my PC for the dynamic links to work again. Ugh !!! Get your **** together adobe.. I am not paying these ridiculous fees to have malfunctioning programs

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    Did you try to restart AE and purge all memory and disc cache?

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  • 12/23/18--22:46: Re: Lag in after effects cs6
  • what OS you use? AE CS6 has lot of issue on newer OS version, and adobe stop the support this release.

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    Yes I did. But you don't have to believe me:

    Unable to drag files into Photoshop CC

    Can't drag and drop a file into Photoshop for some reason?

    Drag and Drop Files into Library not Working

    Drag and drop in AME doesn't work since 2018 update


    So. As I've said before that is not Adobe issue or my issue (or lack of knowledge) as you suggest but OS restriction. That is how system called UAC responsible for security works. Dragging and dropping is nothing else for system as comminicating/message sending and sending message between 2 aplications being on two different security levels. So as in our example and in most of the cases you are running your OS as regular user account and from time to time you are using run as admin for 1 or several aplications. That way you have one software (in our case AE) running in admin mode and other aplication (Windows Expolrer) as regular/normal user - that is why you can't drag and drop.

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    Hi everyone !

    Im currently using AE 2018 and i cant export to SWF file in order to import to Animate CC and make banner like lower version.

    So you can show me how to export to SWF file ?

    Thanks you so much. my email is [personal email removed by moderator]


    Message was edited by: Mohamed Moolla

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    Please have a look at the thread below by Rick Gerard


    How to export after effect into swf



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    Dear you !


    I use After Effect CC 2018 and i dont know how to export to SWF file like version CS6. Could you show me some tips ? Thanks you so much ! My email is

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