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  • 01/08/19--02:01: Animate a Drawing's Face
  • Hello everybody,


    Is there an effect that automatically animates the drawing's face in AE or is there one available for download?


    Thank you!

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  • 01/08/19--02:36: Re: Animate a Drawing's Face
  • You have to be more specific what do you mean? Are you looking for some effect that will convert your drawing of a face image to animation of drawing it, or maby you wish to find a way to convert/animate conversiuon from real photo to drawing, or even maby you neet some script that will draw any cartoon face in AE automatically? Please clarify.

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  • 01/08/19--03:48: Re: Animate a Drawing's Face
  • I am looking for some effect that will animate my drawing into a drawing that is sad for example or is crying or is laughing... an effect that changes the  features of the face of my drawing keeping it a drawing. is this clearer?

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    It's literally an advertised and documented feature of After Effects: Stabilize and track 360/VR footage with VR Comp Editor | . We aren't discussing how to improve the quality of the stabilization but the fact that it doesn't work as advertised in AE 16.0.

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    Rick Gerard

    It works. By using plugins, as for example canvas 360 - it tracks perfectly as it uses a clever work around.
    You can even track 360 footage while using the immersive video dialogue box, set the camera tracker to a view of 90 degrees (or whichever zoom you have your camera set to).   Please research the topic before dismissing it - plenty of tutorials to go around!


    Currently have an incredibly steady track with 360 drone footage, added 3D objects, Plexus and Trapcode Form and it stays in place. However this only works with cc2018 somehow the tracking doesn't work within 2019... 

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    zeno_more, krabaz, ShiverMeTimbers, crookedfoot: I installed CC2018 (15.1.2) and the tracker finishes the analysis without the annoying error. I'm having trouble with camera solving but that's progress.


    RameezKhan , Sumeet Kumar Choubey : What's the word from the development team? This is clearly a bug that was introduced in CC2019.

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    So far tracking and solving have gone 10/10 on my end.


    Do you use a third party plugin, or the native 'immersive video' / Mettle dialogue box ?
    Try setting the camera tracker to 'specify angle of zoom' - adjust to the same angle as your camera zoom (its written in pixels and then in angle degrees within ( ) brackets)

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    VR Comp Editor is the only plugin applied to the composition. Did you uninstall CC2019? I'm running 15.1.2 and 16 side-by-side.

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  • 01/08/19--05:48: Re: Animate a Drawing's Face
  • so you need to animate a still image to give some impression to your drawing photo, really i don't think there are a plugin can do this magic, but you can do some trick with puppet pin tools, you can learn more about this tool here, Animating with Puppet tools in After Effects

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    You wouldn't happen to have the Mocha plugin active on the layer, do you?  I was experiencing the same problem as emiliab14788990 and noticed that while the Mocha plugin was active, changes to mask shapes would not update (unless the feather or expansion values were changed or the cache was cleared, etc.)...  deactivating the Mocha plugin returned the mask behavior to normal.

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    A quick search on google you will find a hundred of tutorial and example about the ValueAtTime expression so take a look and see if you can find your needs, anyway check this link where you can find a useful expression including example for the one you need

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    Hello guys,


    I have a lot of progress bars with percentages in what I'm developing (picture below). For each progress bar I have a start  and a finish date in excel.


    Progress bar.png



    However, I'm doing this process manually which means that I'm wasting a lot of time.


    My question is, if it's possible, does anybody here can help me to find a code to pass those dates from excel to after effects, or give me some suggestion to accelerate this process?




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    If you're not completely sure what you're doing, I would not edit your registry. The PlayerDebugMode key is for loading unsigned extensions. The Adobe extension is signed and works fine without modifying your registry. I would try clearing your preferences:


    You can always sync them to Creative Cloud first if you made a lot of changes. That way, if clearing your prefs doesn't fix the issue then you can download them again.

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  • 01/08/19--06:18: Re: Performance issues
  • Ill give it a try with a wav but the laptop is running the MP3 like a trooper

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    Hi yevgeniyak3,


    As OussK said, we need more details to assist you better.

    FAQ: What information should I provide when asking a question on this forum?




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  • 01/08/19--06:25: Re: Animate a Drawing's Face
  • Has the drawing been done and finalised, is it realistic or cartoon-like? You'd probably approach the animation based on the expectations of the final look? IE realistic or a bit tongue and cheek?

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    Hi bsined,


    Sorry for my delayed response!

    Let me check this internally and update the thread.




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    I have a question. But please bear in mind two things:

    1: I'm quite new to After Effects, and there's a fair bit I've still to learn.

    2: I'm completely self-taught, so (a) I might be doing things a little unconventionally, and (b) I may be using completely the wrong terminology.

    Let me set the scene, if I can describe it adequately...

    Let's say I have some source footage that has three very differently lit scenes, but they are rendered together into one MOV file.

    Then I add that source MOV onto my AE timeline, and I then manually split it into it's three different scenes.

    So although I have only one source clip, I have three different layers, and I have effectively dragged the start and end points in to make three different scenes in AE.

    If I then apply an "auto" Color-Correction effect (auto-color, auto-contrast, auto-levels, etc.) to each layer, does the auto-calculation only take into account the trimmed section I have chosen? Or will it make its calculations based on the entire source video, regardless of where I have "cut out" (hidden) the start and end points?

    Pre-empting that the answer is "it will base it on the entirety of the source clip, because the rest is still there, just hidden" – based on my own limited testing – my follow-up question would be, is there any way that I *CAN* apply an "auto" Color-Correction effect to each of my clips?

    I really really don't want to spend time applying corrections to each clip manually and then tweaking and fine-tuning them, as I have MANY of them! Yes, I know it's the better / correct way, but for now at least, I still want to pursue using AE's "auto" options.

    Thanks in advance.

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    no I haven't uninstalled 2019, currently not running them side by side but when testing I was, everytime tracking and solving was fixed with no hassle. As for this specific project I really need the 3D tracking of 360 footage so im going all out in 2018,  #timetravel so no need to keep 2019 running.

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       When I export a Mogrt from AE, I export to a local drive, then upload to my Google Drive. Strangely, it separates itself into parts and doesn't work in Premiere.


    Any ideas? Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 9.52.39 AM.png

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