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    My dear friends. I have a problem that I haven't figured out for days.

    There is a info graphic project prepared after effects.  I want to have 2 different pie charts that show different data on the same screen and actively upload data. but I can't make it. because the second pie chart changes automatically when I change the first pie chart data. I dont want this.
    that is, two pie charts must show data that is independent of each other. first pie chart 2 data loading second pie chart I want to upload 4 different data. I added a small video showing the problem. I hope you will help me. Many thanks to all my friends already. I love you. you are good.


    Video Link:    22 - YouTube

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    Thanks mate. I have checked them and couldn't find what I was looking for. Cheers

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  • 01/12/19--05:47: Re: Problem
  • Niestety, nie pomogło

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    The pixton trial does not allow a download, so I can't test. We need to understand what actual elements you have in your download.


    From the site, I am assuming it is not an animation or movie, but a series of images, like comic frames. But are these single layer images? Or is each "prop" on its own layer or in its own file?


    Please describe what kind of file you have downloaded (.jpg, .psd, .mp4) and what you see when you open it in AE.

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  • 01/12/19--06:14: Re: Problem
  • Ok. Więc zacznijmy od początku. After Effets to nie najlepszy program do płynnego odtwarzania materiałów - tzn. jest to możliwe ale wymaga spełnienia wielu warunków.
    Wszystko przede wszystkim zależy czy chcesz odtworzyć filmik który wrzucasz po prostu do AE czy jest to filmik na który już nałożyłaś jakieś efekty (od wielości i intensywności tych efektów zależało będzie czy i jak się film odtworzy.
    Ale zakładając że jest to tylko filmik wrzucony bez żadnych efektow to problemem może być:
    a) właśnie to co sugerował OussK czyli to że parametry Twojego komputera nie pozwalają na odtworzenie real time i materiał musi być najpierw zbuforowany do pamięci RAM lub jeśli masz to ustawione - na dysk Cache (i tu od wydajności dysku cache zależało będzie jak się materiał odtworzy). Więcej na temat podglądów, preview i ram preview znajdziesz tu Preview without rendering in After Effects

    b) innym problemem może być wydajność Twojego dysku twardego w przypadku gdy masz ustawiony dysk cache - choć nie wydaje mi się aby to było przyczyną w tym przypadku.


    Żeby powiedzieć coś więcej napisz:
    - jak zaawansowanym użytkownikiem AE jesteś - pytam ponieważ jeśli już posiadasz jakąś wiedzę bazową - nie będę tracił czasu (Twojego i mojego) na powtarzanie czegoś co już wiesz
    - jakie są parametry Twojego komputera (ilośc i jakie dyski, procesor, ram)
    - jak dokładniej wygląda Twoja kompozycja (tzn. jakie materiały wrzucasz w jakim kodeku, jaka rozdzielczość czy z efektami czy bez etc.

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    Has there been a solution to this issue?  I'm having the same issue?

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    Ok so please send us some screens or video screen grab of that issue because without that it is hard to tell what is hapen.

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  • 01/12/19--09:15: Re: Pixelated Text
  • Hi Rick,

    How are you?

    Thanks for your suggestions. I am having the same pixelated error and have carried out all the steps suggested by you and Dave.

    Here is my printscreen of Composition settings(which are by default set to Full).

    I don't know what I could be doing wrong. I have played around with the text settings. I am following a tutorial online and the only thing different is the fact that Fill Over Stroke is not included(I don't know how to turn this off).

    Any ideas would be great.Thanks,Sinead

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    The problem is that you are opening the first project and then importing the same project as well.

    Do this:

    Make a copy of the 3D Pie Charts folder and rename the file to 3D Pie Charts V3 or whatever you want.

    The 2 folders will have all the same assets but will be called 2 different names. It is very important that you change the name of the AE file.

    Open the first AE file V2 and then import V3 into AE

    Ae and Element will then address them independently.

    Just don't get confused by the names of similar comps etc.



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    miggs73175733  wrote


    Forget it. Maybe somene else will understand more.


    I have a feeling you're brand-new to After Effects.  And I have a feeling there's a lot about it YOU don't understand.

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    Danny hi


    It is pretty simple to achieve this with stock footage effects, wither without an alpha channel.

    I remember doing this for a few films but one that stands out was when a father and son were in a lift that was falling to earth from space in a lift that had a window. A kids fantasy movie lol. When it landed it had to be very believable with dust and camera shake effects. Was easy to do and could show you how its done.


    You are welcome to share the shuttle footage with me and I will recreate something simple for you which you can then look at.


    Let me know



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  • 01/12/19--10:08: Re: Pixelated Text
  • I'd like you to look at the Comp pane -- the one that shows the actual picture of the composition.  Look at the very bottom of that pane.  You'll find a part that's expressed in a percentage.  If it's set to more than 100%, set it to 100% and see how it looks.  If it's OK, you're good.  You had your Zoom set beyond 100%, and that's how things look when you're zoomed to a high percentage.


    And if you did have it set to more than 100% -  I'd say it was set to about 800% -- and you're stumped by a simple setting like that, you really, Really, REALLY need to spend some quality time here:


    After Effects tutorials | Learn how to use After Effects CC


    You might be able to use Premiere Pro intuitively.  It's possible -- learning PP is like learning to drive the family car.

    But you can NOT use AE intuitively.  Learning AE is like learning to fly an F-22 Raptor fighter for combat missions.

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    First of all, thank you for answering. But I just changed the name of the after effects project. but nothing changed. The problem continues.

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    That's because you are not DUPLICATING the problem composition in the project pane, re-naming the duplicated comp, and then making your changes to it.

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    What's stopping you from selecting the comps in question and simply dragging them into th AE Render Queue?  It takes 5 seconds.

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    I succeeded. incredibly happy. I'm so happy. Thank you very much. my dear friend. :))) You are amazing. You're gorgeous. Now you have a friend in Istanbul. Yes, I did. Thanks to you

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    But are the precise same versions of the effects (I presume they're 3rd party plugins)  on your destination machine?

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    Glad you are sorted


    If Dave and I come to Istanbul you owe us some Meze lol.


    Just kidding. Best of luck with your project



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    You should be made aware that Adobe hasn't done a single, solitary thing with ray-tracing for many years.  It's basically obsolete.  If you run anything more recent than AE CC 2012 (aka Version 12), you shouldn't use ray tracing.

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    Yes that is accurate. I thought rotoscoping was a lttle different than that, i viewed it differently. From what i understand about rotoscoping i dint think it could do this, But can you get more specific on what to do? And why you think it would work specifically? I don't actually have AE yet i was trying to decide whether or not to get it.

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