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    Are the projects and corresponding source footage on an external drive?


    Copy the AEP to the Desktop, unmount the drive and then open the project with all the source footage missing.  Do a Save As back to the Desktop.  Reconnect the drive, copy the new AEP back and try opening it (with your fingers crossed).


    An alternative is to open a new AEP, import the problem AEP into it with the source footage missing and then relink the source footage manually.  Of course, that’ll take awhile.





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    You might also try some of the Distort effects such as Bezier Warp, Mesh Warp etc.

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  • 01/12/19--18:22: Re: Help with scaling!
  • Hi. You need to describe in clear detail exactly what you are doing. What are "exposures", what "graph" looks fine? Possibly upload a screen shot as well.

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    Hi. Have a look at the Refine Matte effect, it may do what you need with a bit of study.

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    There's someone who wants to convert a video with a cartoon man talking against a white background, with audio, so that it is over a transparent background so it can be used on web sites and placed against any background. The video has a zoom in slowly to tthe character and most of the character movement is in the head.


    Could anyone tell me the easiest and best way for this to be done please?


    WebM (with vp8) can apparently support transparency in a version of Chrome (Google Chrome alpha transparency screencast - YouTube ) but I'm not sure if that's all current versions of Chrome.


    I also read this thread: mp4 - Can I have a video with transparent background using HTML5 video tag? - Stack Overflow

    where it says "Quicktime movs exported as animation work but in safari only"


    The above link also says "Mp4 files can be playable with transparent background using seeThrou Js library. All you need to combine actual video and alpha channel in the single video".


    There's a plugin to export an SVG video from After Effects but that would require re-creating the cartoon and the face animation would probably not be easy I think.


    I don't think I can use gif because of the audio and syncing to the audio that is required.


    Could someone please let me know the best way to do this? Create webM (vp8) for Chrome and quicktime mov with transparency for Safari (eg. created with AE CC 2017 - though would that still work with browsers with what has happened with quicktime?)? And/or export a version of the video with the white background converted to alpha (transparent) andask the person to use "seeThrou JS library"? Or something else? Maybe different methods could be done for different browsers through detecting the browser.

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    Hello, all,


    I've been working on a project in After Effects that fails to render both in After Effects and in the Media Encoder Queue.

    In after effects, I receive a "After Effects error: internal verification failure, sorry! {Node received more checkout requests than expected}" message, and in the Media Encoder Queue, I receive a "After Effects has encountered an error. [../../src/Dispatch Message.cpp-126]" message when I try to import/render.


    I thought the problem was caused by Magic Bullet Looks, so I transferred MB and other effects from the pre-comp files to adjustment layers.

    After doing this, I was able to render a few seconds in AE before receiving the same message. In the MEQ, the program renders a few seconds over the course of a few hours then stops rendering and counting the time that's passing at the same time (The render freezes but the program does not).


    Intensive effects I have on the project include: Twitch, S-Shake, Looks, RSMB, Pixel Sorting, and Turbulent displacement effects.


    I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling Adobe, updating Adobe software, updating my drivers, clearing disk caches, deleting CFA and PEK files, allocating more RAM to Adobe, taking intensive effects out of my project, and rendering different parts of my project at different points. None of these solutions have worked.


    In addition, AE and MEQ are running more slowly as of recently than in the past (I do not have anti-virus software slowing them down).


    I am operating on an ALIENWARE laptop with 16 gigs of RAM (8 Allocated to Adobe).


    The crashes are not due to running out of memory.


    Thank you,


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    Not sure if anyone else is having this issue but I've recently installed CC2019 and the program crashes every couple minutes? I'm able to work on 2D files for about 20 minutes but then the whole program freezes - if I introduce 3D it only lasts for about 5 minutes.


    I'm re-installing the last version and hoping for the best but would love an answer. The only solution I've tried is increasing programs RAM (mentioned in a youtube video) but it didn't help.



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    Am I best using the "bodymovin" After Effects extension, with maybe converting the cartoon video to vector with the help of Inkscape (though that might be complex/a lot of frames to convert to vector with Inkscape for the face animation).


    Or is there something a lot simpler? eg. am I better using one of the above non-vector methods?

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    Добрый день! Я установил демо  - версию Adobe After Effects на свой компьютер. После запуска, на этапе попытки программой "Инициализировать Mediacore" Без имени.jpg

    программа закрывается, но при этом остается в реестре запущенных программ в диспетчере задач.

    Без имени2.jpg

    Попытки решения проблемы были таковыми:

    1) В интернете прочел информацию про Visual c++, что возможно удаление и переустановка поможет, все это я сделал, но проблема не решилась.

    2) Отключал антивирус и брандамуэр.

    3) Системные требования у меня достаточны для того, чтобы тянуть данную программу. В интернете писали, что возможны конфликты с видеокартами AMD, но у меня Geforce потому я этот вариант отсеял.

    Ребята, если у кого была такая проблема или возможно есть видимые причины для того, чтобы решить проблему запуска и наконец ее запустить. Буду благодарен любым подсказкам. Спасибо)

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    There are many reason can cause crash but the most popular one is the GPU driver, so try to update your GPU driver to the latest update and check if this can help

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    I slept because it was late at night. I waited a long time help from you. I'm sending you a link to the file.


    that I want to do. two or three pie charts run on the same screen. but each of them load different data. When I copy the project, the 2 pie chart is loading the same data. The second automatically changes when you change the data of the first one. I dont want this. first pie chart 2 data load the second pie chart 4 or 5 data you want to load.


    another problem

    the second video. axis length extension and abbreviation how? There are 12 points on the x axis. how do I make this point number 8 or 5. the number of points decreases while the x-axis is shortened. 
    or 2 data lines in a chart. How do I do this 4 or 5 data lines

    google drive link:


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    Install quicktime player to solve your problem,:)

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    Really you can achieve this kind of look without using the ray trace or the cinema 4d just the classic 3D,

    check this small demo to see a example what you can do Dropbox - graph.aep

    this is not the best thing you can do but just a quick demo


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    I was trying to make my own pseudo effect following this tutorial: Creating Pseudo Effects for After Effects - YouTube


    Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 6.37.12 PM.png


    But the PresetEffects.xml isn't in the Contents/Resources folder.

    I'm using CC2019. It was there when I was using CC2018, where is it now?

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    I've been figuring out for almost a week and I still haven't solved it yet. The problem is, I've copy pasted the c4dimporter thing (Im using R16) to adobe after effects cc 2017 plugin. after I opened the AE software, it somehow still doesn't allow me to import the aec file.


    Is it me or the software is just malfunctioning? This is the 12th try solving this. Thanks

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  • 01/13/19--04:47: Re: Pixelated Text
  • Hi Dave

    Thanks again for your response.

    I am checking the Comp Panel as you suggested, however I cannot see the %you are talking about in the far left panel. In the main panel the % is 400% and when I set this to 100%, the text just gets smaller.

    Trying to change the text size has no effect on the text though.




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    Demirus could you start a new thread with this as this thread was opened by Danny.

    And while you are awaiting assistance please try to be patient and not get upset like yesterday,

    We are sometimes very busy and cannot attend to everyone instantaneously.

    Your post was removed yesterday as you were becoming a little too aggravated


    I have downloaded the files and will have a look at them soon





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  • 01/13/19--04:50: Can't view my composition
  • I am new to after effects but I do understand how it works. The issue I'm having is every time i create a composition i cannot view it nor see a video imported with the same settings but only hear it. On the information panel the RGBA colour square does pickup on the footage but I just can't view it!  Any help, thanks!Sample.PNG

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    I've experienced this issue that after reinstalling adobe on a new computer both my old after effects cc 2018 and 2019 are functional. Now when I dynamic link a premiere pro clip to after effects, it shows up in the 2018 version instead of the 2019 version. Is there a way to set this up correctly?


    Thanks in advance.

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    Is it worth sending a version in webm (vp8) format + alpha transparency, quicktime png + alpha, png sequence (with alpha) and maybe h264 with separate video files main and alpha channels or is that likely going to not what they want? It seems like the animation is probably too complex for doing with the "bodymovin" extension.


    Should I just explain the different options to the person and see what he wants to do? Is sending what I specified above (webm etc.) likely to be no use or is it workable if enough browser checks are done and the best format for a particular browser are used?

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