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  • 11/19/18--06:44: Re: Loss of Transparency
  • settings.jpg


    So which codec to use? Which support transparencyThere are DVs and Intel ones and a few others. is quick time the only other video format?.

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    Nothing can be added, because of dynamic link server search theres no queue

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  • 11/19/18--06:47: Re: Loss of Transparency
  • Ok... channel have to be RGB + Alpha so that good.
    As for codec what to chose ... as I've said ... for example Quick Time as format and Animation as codec (to change in format option after ypou chose format).
    As for other codecs - show us what formats/codecs do you have in your system.

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    You can't add anything? How so?
    Opern AME and just add any video file - that does not work also?


    And you say that connection between AE and AME also does not work in earlier versions?

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    Schermafbeelding 2018-11-19 om 15.52.46.png

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    cant't get pass these windows...

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    But I'm saying about opening AME and adding any video file not AE project. I know thyat seems stupid but it sometimes work. Open AMe, add any video file to queue. After that remove that file and try to add AE comp.
    If after that it does not work, and any of described by me ways does not work, and instaling and using earlier AE and AME version also does not work  I surrender and have no idea how to help you.

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  • 11/19/18--06:50: Re: Loss of Transparency
  • how do I find what codecs I have?


    Tried what you said, but it says Animation failed. Says it was encoded  in a format not supported

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    Nothing works, but thanks for helping man!

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  • 11/19/18--07:31: Re: Strange line effect
  • Thank you very much for explanation. Is there any solution to not zooming it and moving it manually? And does this thing only applies to rectangles?

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    Ha - well, I tried rolling back, and went through four or five older versions with no luck. Then it turned out that Nvidia came out with a new driver just a few days ago... Updated to 411.95, and all seems well (for now). Fingers crossed!

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    Glad to hear! It's really a pain how flaky these drivers can be, but sometimes you just have to go through these annoying motions and upgrade or roll back.

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  • 11/19/18--08:16: Morph flat image to globe
  • Hi All. I am looking to have a flat image animate and morph into a spinning globe. Have tried cc sphere but this doesn't work.


    Any ideas/help much appreciated.



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    I'm making a short animated GIF.  I created the comp then made a new comp and dropped the first version in it and then added a camera shake at the end.



    After I did this, I needed to add a little more to it at the end so I expanded the duration of the original, added what I needed, and then made a duplicate of the camera shake version.



    When I dragged the new one into the camera shake dupe, the actual keyframes for the shake can be seen in the first version. So what I wanted to do is copy and paste those shake keyframes onto the new one so I didn't have to manually make the shake again.



    See the image below:






    Can someone tell me how to do this? I tried highlighting the original keyframes and pasting but that didn't work.

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    You mark the old keyframes, CTRL+C, click on the above layer's position and CTRL+V.




    Mark position of old layer, CTRL-C, click on the above layer and CTRL+V.

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  • 11/19/18--09:12: Re: Strange line effect
  • Thin horizontal and vertical lines are problematic. You can drag the shapes into place then edit the values, use the arrow keys to nudge in whole pixel increments at 100% scale or use things like snap to grid. If you design with single pixel lines for a video you are stuck with the limitations. You are also faced with the fact that color compression is always in blocks of at least 4 pixels, media players scale the video to fit and unless the player is big enough to show every pixel, the single pixel horizontal and vertical lines are going to get really screwed up. Personally, I never use any horizontal or vertical line that will move in a video project that is not at least 4 pixels thick unless there is a mandate from a client. If the client wants thin lines I always include a written disclaimer in the design bible that I deliver with branding work.

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    The sample art that you provided has awfully small cracks so it's going to be difficult to get something that looks like the tutorial video. You could use one of the standard shapes and just animate the size and diameter of Force 1 on a layer that only contained the crack.


    The most important part my suggestion was to read the documentation. 90% of the people that can't get Shatter to behave or implement inefficient workflows to not understand the controls. It only takes a moment. The tutorial video that was shared is included in the links provided in the User Guide. There is more info there.

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    adamt18510785, I been busy but I am planning to give your fix a shot.  Please keep us posted as you use and test this.  thank you.

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    CHYO  wrote


    made a video of a vanishing point file, then camera tracked the video file but in the last second there where no movement on the z axis, just the camera moving up the y axis.

    this error came because of that

    There's your problem. If you already had a vanishing point project you do not need camera tracking. You already have the animated camera and the 3D world. You just need to place the additional elements in a scene. The camera solve failed because vanishing point projects do not have true and accurate perspective changes and the software is trying to figure out how a real camera captured a real scene by analyzing the real geometry in the scene and the perspective and parallax changes.

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    You'll need a 3rd party effect that allows you to animate the warping of the sphere. There are several options. Nothing that comes with After Effects will do the job without a lot of fussing and matching frames. Probably the most usable and least effective 3rd party solution is Power Sphere - aescripts + aeplugins -

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