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  • 11/24/18--05:23: Re: Low res when zoom in
  • everend, Please spend some time studying the user interface. Start here: Basic AE


    You also need to learn how to prepare artwork for video. The lines in your illustration are 1 pixel wide and that is not going to work for video. It can't be done. Your composition is also a nonstandard size:

    Screenshot_2018-11-24 04.58.05_HOB5kx.png

    That is also not a good idea. Video is pixels in a fixed grid, anything that moves in the frame will be resampled so thin lines are going to flicker unless they move exactly an even number of pixels per frame, and the size of the frame is critically important when you compress a video for distribution because color is sampled in blocks of at least 4 pixels. The artwork that has been prepared will never work if you want to have some nice looking animated movement.


    There are a few decent tutorials out there that talk about preparing Illustrator files for use in video production (After Effects) but I have not found any that specifically talk about positioning artwork on the pixel grid or the problems you run into with thin lines. There are also a couple of really lousy tutorials that promote inefficient workflows so make sure you vet your trainers. You have to spend some time learning how to use the tools if you are going to have any real success using AE.

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    I'm a bit confused. Your original screenshot:


    Shows both images the same size. The 4K image should be twice as big as the 2K image. Both of them are being viewed at more than 100% magnification so you are comparing apples and oranges. What does the edge look like at 200% Magnification for both renders? You can't really judge anything if you pixel peep a still frame at magnifications above 200% on an HR display or 100% on a standard display.


    If you check rendered file in AE by opening the footage in the Footage Panel and set the Magnification Factor to a 100% and check the edge quality you should see the same quality in both files. One will just be twice as big as the other. If you are seeing the quality change in a media player then the problem does not lie with the video, it is in the media player.


    I've never seen a resolution problem like this in a rendered file unless there was some user error in the workflow.

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    >AE will tell you about missing plugins and fonts when you open the project
    I am not talking about missing plugins either.


    And I asked in a different forum and got this answer,

    there you see a license dialog and not a red cross:
    How to license optical flares in adobe after effects ofline / without any download - YouTube


    You do not have to understand what I need,

    but I know what I am talking about.

    I am doing render pipelines for 17 years now and I have been render wrangling in companies that had exactly this issue.

    >but you should not be mad on us

    Yes, I was just a bit annoyed that I got answers about an issue I do not have.

    Even after I told 3-4 times that I do not have a problem. I tried to explain the issue again and again and again.

    I am not a native english speaker, but it was not that complicated to understand, was it?
    In my eyes: If you do not know why i mean, you can ask.

    And confirm if you have understood the question.

    And not thinking of a similar issue and answer to that other issue.
    Because then I have to correct you, just to get another answer to a differrent issue, and again and again...



    How would you feel if you go into a store and ask for some milk. And he gives you some Coke.
    And you ask again for Milk and get some Juice.
    So you ask again and try to explain in more detail what Milk is.

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  • 11/24/18--06:19: Re: Create an Arrow in AE
  • I´ve created arrows in Illustrator and imported them in to AE (created shape layers and so on) but I can´t get them "moving". I use them on a map and want to show how groups of people has moved. I want the arrow to "grow". Would be grateful for help.

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    I recently got into After Effects for creating Ads so im fairly new to this. My question is, if i have use paid extensions for ad templates on my home PC, will i need to rebuy them on my work PC to edit them there also?



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    I have done transparent with .mov using quicktime but it just causes problems like it only showing audio and it not being able to play the video. Is there a way that will work for me?

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    did you select RGB + Alpha from the Video output?


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    Yes, I have, but when I export with QuickTime it goes into .mov where it is very glitchy and the screen is just black throughout the whole thing, but when I export with h.264 it works perfectly, except there is no transparent because it is mp4.

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    which codec did you select from "format options" ?

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    I have seen lots of tutorials using PNG, which I do not have, and I am using None ( Uncompressed RGB 8-bit) which is most likely the problem.

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    are you using Quick time to playback the video ?

    try to set the codec to Animation which also supports alpha

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    Thank you so much :>

    Was using quicktime all along but never thought to use Animation!

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  • 11/24/18--08:29: preview problem
  • I just downloaded after effects and the green line in the bar won't reach to the end.(Sometimes it slowly reaches to the end.) Also the the video gets really slow.

    Is there any kind of problem here?

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    I have gone through the render queue in many formats like quicktime, AVI, TIFF and PNG sequence. None of these options even seem to start the render except AVI on occasion. AVI does not export the video, instead just a black screen longer than the composition itself is exported

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    I didn't know which details exactly you would need so I just recorded some of the menus for you to see. the only effects on the layers are just some rotos and nothing else other than general assembly of clips.


    Video of my composition: After Effects Issue Details - YouTube

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  • 11/24/18--09:07: Re: preview problem
  • what is you PC spec's ? composition settings ?

    Clean the disk cache , from Edit -> Purge -> all memory and disk cache

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    No video, check the comp and make sure you have not set the video layers to guide layers.


    Problems with renders, especially for those just starting out, custom render settings.


    Wrong things in the render or items out of position, comp is not set up with Active Camera view turned on.


    If you want us to diagnose your problems you need to select the layers that are giving you problems, press the U key twice to show everything you have done to the layers, PrintScreen and Paste to the forum or Ctrl/Cmnd + 3 on a Mac and drag the screenshot to the forum so we can see what is going on in the comp.

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    Same here, crashes on 2015.

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  • 11/24/18--09:23: Re: preview problem
  • If you are just getting started, unless you have extensive experience with visual effects and motion graphics software, it is almost impossible to figure out how AE works if you don't study first. Compared with an NLE like Premiere Pro:

    Screenshot_2018-11-24 09.21.55_553qKl.png

    Start here: Basic AE

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    It depends on the licensing agreements. Read them and stay honest.

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