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  • 11/25/18--03:47: Wacom Intuos Issues
  • Hey guys


    I’ve noticed a strange issue with a Wacom Intuos Pto with both AE and PP. With the Wacom connected either by USB or wirelessly BEFORE launching PP or AE all menus are greyed out. Keyboard shorts work eg CMD-N to create a new comp etc but all menu functions are non clickable. Disconnect the Wacom and reconnect and presto all functions are back to normal.


    OS Sierra 10.12.6

    Mac Pro 3.06GHz x 2 12 core

    64 gig RAM

    GTX 780Ti

    GT120 (bootup)

    Samsung EVO SSDs for OS and Scratch


    All drivers including Wacom up to date


    Anyone else had a similar issue?

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    +1 here,  after effects has become a piece of crap software in performance, it's just gone dark on me.


    Viewport is rediculous, text is slow, rendering previews is retarded level slow.


    Adding new features to attract more pple? Are you joking? Is this going to be the same conversation as I saw @ Autodesk with 3D Studio Max? I certainly hope not.


    System specs:

    64Gb 2699 Mhz RAM

    Amd threadripper 2990wx (32cores, 64threads @ 3,2Ghz

    Geforce 1050 Ti


    So I'm (not) terribly sorry, but if after effects can't run on these high end machines everyone is posting, there is something going on.


    Wether it's windows or adobe, I don't really care? We had the same bs with photoshop and the wacom issues. People pointing at eachother, blabla. GET IT FIXED.


    Can someone tell me the last stable version to date for after effects, concerning VIEWPORT PERFORMANCE (not rendering multiple frames with multi threading, dont need it - i need VIEWPORT PERFORMANCE.


    I can't even create a damn text line in an empty 720p comp 25fps without lagg.


    Pathetic, seriously.

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    I’m wondering if I can used Json mixed with an If Else Expression that will allow me to turn on and off multiple layers through JSON. My primary objective is to selection one image or layer amongst 30 images via controlling the opacity and to do it all through Json or whatever method that will allow me to accomplish the overall objective.

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    After the same issues with opening the previous version of AE file (which has caused the freezing during the save) I tried this procedure:

    1. I imported the AE document (instead of opening it)

    2. then I used "Save as a Copy" to save it

    3. I had also deleted all the Cached data (Purge > All Memory & Disc Cache) before I saved it.

    Just be quicker than the Autosave


    Not sure if it’s gonna help but for me the issue is gone now.

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    you are welcome

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    I've done the put a circle or box around a player and zoom in on that part of the shot hundreds of times and it looks just fine if you put a box or circle around the player. I shot and produced for ABC's wide world of sports for many years way before there were computers or After Effects and we could do this with a Grass Valey switcher in the remote truck about 20 seconds after a play. We would pull a take from the slow-mo machine, isolate a player, put a circle around it and zoom in on the action so it was about double size. I think the OP wants to do this kind of effect because it was kind of in vogue a few years ago because he said:

    I have tried the scale tool on the main video but it scales the whole video.  Is there a way for me to scale just certain sections of the full video?

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    Managed to solve it on my own. I got multiple blue screens of death with the error of "Video_TDR_Failure (nvlddmkm.sys)" so I did a clean re-install of my NVIDIA graphics card as per the instructions on the following website: Video_TDR_Failure (nvlddmkm.sys) on Windows 10 [Fixed] - Driver Easy


    Now my After Effects is working great! I've been able to keep it open for hours and use it without error.

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    im just trying to show my logo around that corner on the wall i dont need help keeping it there more like make it all show once it get around the corner

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    Here's a quick example of the workflow using Camera Tracking that I threw together as a demo for class once. Sorry, there is no narration.

    If you used Camera Track just put a solid on the wall in front of the V and set it as a track matte and you won't have to do a lot of manual keyframing.

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    oh wow yea that helps alot thank you

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  • 11/25/18--07:51: Re: Wacom Intuos Issues
  • Are you waiting for enough time to start the program? It occurs to me that maybe you'll give it more time to recognize it.


    Or maybe if you delete the After Effects preferences so you start from scratch.

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  • 11/25/18--08:01: Re: Wacom Intuos Issues
  • I gave it 4 mins at max to see what happens.Nothing.

    I see this has happened once CC2019 was installed.

    It has now also affected CC2018 which lives alongside CC2019.

    No train smash. Will try and see if I can figure it out

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    Yup it took that to make me understand what the OP was trying to accomplish. Great little vid 

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  • 11/25/18--08:05: Re: Wacom Intuos Issues
  • Try this:


    - Delete the preferences.

    - Clear the media cache or directly Purge your Ae, both the memory and everything purgeable.

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    Awesome Rick Gerard you were in OB vans. I did a stunt in one and that was enough for to run for the hills lol. Lots of hard work. So basically OP wants a sort of "Magnifying Glass" highlight effect.

    Sorry Rick my brain tends to move to the very complex vfx solutions as a matter of habit when faced with a problem. Force of habit .
    Thanks for the explanation and bit of history, Loving it

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  • 11/25/18--08:09: Re: Wacom Intuos Issues
  • Will do this on a secondary Mac. Don't want to mess with the main Big Macs for now as they are mid project.

    Will update as soon as I can

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    Please help...


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    I have a problem now where I cant select alpha inverted matte


    when I click modes the only thing that is anything close is alpha add

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  • 11/25/18--09:45: Re: element 3d render issue
  • Hi Andrew,

       Thanks, and yes, I did both of these things.  It looks to be an element issue, I think.  Either that or my computer is getting too old to do this stuff.

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    Your Track solid 1 layer needs to be just above the layer with the V.

    Screenshot_2018-11-25 09.46.03_W9OmDf.png

    You should then see None in the TrkMatte column. I do not know why you have two Tracker cameras in your comp.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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