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  • 11/25/18--17:49: Re: element 3d render issue
  • Oh, and you can disregard the "piece" layers, those are just lossless renders from directly from AE I'm using in place, but I just rendered and put those in.

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  • 11/25/18--17:41: Re: element 3d render issue
  • Hi Mo,

       I'm on a retina MBP, late 2012, 8 gigs of RAM.  In all honesty, I am pretty blown away that my old macbook is still getting along great for the most part, and I'm looking at new ones, just wasn't planning on upgrading just yet - I don't do animation for a job, at least now.


    I had problems logging into the VC forum, otherwise I'd be there (already sent an email to get my login sorted out for it, for some reason the forum account and my VC account don't have the same creds and I haven't been on in a while).


    I'm working in 8bpc, and I'm keeping multisampling and supersampling at 0 until I can figure out how to get this thing rendering correctly.  No AA smoothing applied or anything (I hope that answers your question, although I'm a bit of a novice with that).

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  • 11/25/18--18:27: Re: Issue with video clips
  • This article addresses the issue in Premiere Pro, but the solutions are pretty much the same.




    Resolution for an issue where green, purple, or pink haze appears in the Source or Program monitors, or the exported fil…

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    The most foolproof way to do this is to render the items from Premiere to new files, which you can then use in After Effects.


    Another workflow is to import your Premiere Pro project into After Effects, using the Import Premiere Pro project option under File/Import..  This will import your Premiere sequence as an After Effects composition, with all the effects, motion etc converted for use within After Effects (mostly). 

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    Hi Forum.


    I have an issue with text disappearing for one frame, my text appears normal on the timeline and as I scroll through my composition, I notice that It vanishes for one frame then reappears as normal. When I do a preview it makes an awful flickering. I am tracking the 3D stroke above and have alpha Matte. but when I turn Alpha Matte off and set it to normal my text appears without vanishing for that particular problematic frame, ( of course I lose the 3D stroke effects though). What can be causing this issue?


    Thank you.



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    It looks like a problem of the graphic card or the codec. Firstly, would you update the driver of your graphic card?

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    This article from Adobe is for Premiere Pro but may offer a solution for After Effects as well:


    Resolution for an issue where green, purple, or pink haze appears in the Source or Program monitors, or the exported fil…

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    The Crash occurs after the splash screen. I get messages about offending items in the script startup folder. When I remove those items it runs down the line from one to the other until I get a "can not produce timestamp" error. Then it says illegal command sequence and crashes. Occasionally, when I remove these items AE will start successfully and I am able to work. A couple of times it's worked with no intervention as well.


    I've checked for updates, rebooted, and removed offending files before launching.

    1.Script crash message.PNG




    3.illegal command sequence.PNG


    4. items noted in the crash report:script files causing crash.PNG



    System Specs:

    Windows 10 Pro (Up to date as of 11.25.18)

    Asus STRIX GTX 1080

    Geforce Driver version 416.94 (11.13.18)

    i7-3930K CPU 3.2GHz

    60Gb Ram

    After Effects CC2019 v16.0


    Many thanks for your help!

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    Hello After Effects Community,


    I'm trying to create a logo that has been traced by a laser and falls off screen.


    I've been trying to make a 2D mask into a 3D object and fall off screen. I already created the mask to fall off screen, but it still looks like a 2D shape.What is the best way to create a shape retaining a certain texture and animating it to fall off screen as a 3D look? I've tried looking for YouTube tutorials of this description and websites, but have found no luck. Any tutorials or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


    Thank you

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    Your screenshots don't tell us much. The top layer is being used as an alpha track matte for the bottom layer, frame 10 and 12 seem to show the text layer, we can't see what is happening at frame 11. What are the modified properties of both layers? I can see that the bottom layer is a png file and it is scaled to 400% so it's probably pretty soft. You should never scale a stationary layer over about 120% unless it is a vector image like a shape layer, a text layer or an Illustrator file. The anchor point tells me that the PNG is probably 1920 wide and 920 high so it is not the same size as the comp. The position property could mean anything because 1321.5 for X and 192 put it outside and above a standard HD comp and barely inside and at the top of a 4K comp. I assume that the top layer contains some kind of animated paths because it is being used as a track matte for the bottom layer. I also assume that you are using Trapode 3D stroke in the Paths layer because of the reference in the post. This is probably a pretty good assumption since the layer is not 3D, but we have absolutely no idea what you are trying to do.


    I guess that is enough about what I don't know or can figure out about your project. The most likely cause of some random odd images is a cache error. The easiest way to clear that error is to use Edit>Purge>All Memory and Disk Cache menu. If you have already done that then we need to see the modified properties of your layers. Just press the U key twice and PrintScreen and paste. It would also help if we knew the comp specs and what you are trying to do. If you want to troubleshoot the problem then duplicate that comp in the timeline, open the duplicate, reveal all modified properties by pressing the U key twice and then start adjusting some of the parameters or rest them to see what is causing the problem.

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    I would open the AE template, save it as a new file, switch to Premiere Pro and pick the shot, not shots, but shot you want to work on first and then select Replace with After Effects composition. This will switch you to After Effects and create a new comp. Switch back to Premiere Pro and undo the Replace with AE Comp, then go back to AE. Inside your template select the layer that contains the footage you want to replace with your new footage, drill down to the footage, then look for the footage from Premiere Pro that you want to use, hold down the Alt/Option key and drag it to the template comp to replace the original footage. The in and out points of the footage from Premiere Pro should be honored and you won't have a bunch of assets in the AEP file that you don't need. Repeat as necessary.


    This saves you the trouble of rendering lossless intermediate files, keeps your comps as lightweight as possible, and gives you the options of trying out a bunch of other shots in the same template.


    The last option will work if your footage is just acting as a background for the template. In that case, I would just turn off the background layer in the template and choose the Lossless With Alpha preset in the Output Module and render the template without the background. Back in Premiere Pro all you have to do is add the template to the video layer above the original footage.

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    If you just want to add something to the letterboxed area just use a rectangular mask and put another layer below the original footage. This is day 1 AE basics. You are making things way way way too difficult.



    By the way, monkeying with a trailer for a major motion picture is putting a lot of pressure on the fair use portion of copyright laws. You should really carefully consider what you are doing to make sure you won't get into trouble.

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    Puppet Pin would be my first choice. Just do one full stride so the first and last frames are identical, set the out point for the layer, Pre-compose then apply Time Remapping to the pre-comp. Move to the last TR keyframe, move back one frame, set a new keyframe, delete the last keyframe and then add this expression to the Time Remapping effect. loopOut()


    That is the easiest way to duplicate any walk cycle.

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    I am not getting a clear picture of what you want to accomplish.


    If I had some text on a plate and I wanted it to be cut out by a laser I would Duplicate the text layer, put a solid or an image below the ext layer to act as a background, Set the original copy of the text layer as a track matte for the background layer to punch a hole in it, select the top copy of the text layer and use Layer>Create>Shapes from Text to generate paths around the text, Select the paths one at a time and set then cut (Ctrl/Cmnd + x) a keyframe, then select one of the endpoints of a beam effect or the position property of a null, set a keyframe and paste to make the laser follow the outside of the text, then copy each individual shape in the Text To Shape layer to a new layer, make those layers 3D, position the anchor point of each layer appropriately and when the laser has finished following edge of the text animate the position and rotation to get the layer to fall off the screen.


    Did you follow all of that? It was kind of a stream of consciousness tutorial. This took me about 5 minutes and shows the basics without the laser effect.

    Screenshot_2018-11-26 00.28.23_HfZuIB.png

    This would also work with vector layers from Illustrator.

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  • 11/26/18--00:38: Re: Create an Arrow in AE
  • Another option for getting from AI to AE is a 3rd party utility called Overlord:


    I haven't used it, but I've heard great things about it.

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  • 11/26/18--01:37: Re: element 3d render issue
  • Looks neat and tidy.

    1. Whats the timecode at the points where the mask layer is rendering out?

    Set your render area bar 2 a few secs before and after that time and render out using AE not ME

    Turn off RGB+Alpha. Just choose RGB and ,millions of colors

    Send out in a 720 res first and click resize quality to high.


    Test 2: Change to 16 bpc and do the same a above

    Tell me what u see on both plz

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    Same here. It doesn't even start anymore. Can't delete prefs. Windows 10, AE CC 19. Screw you adobe! My clients are waiting and I already setup the Project in CC 19!


    Will reinstall, and report back if I feel like it


    tomm17590617 Funny how PC's can't get around an "EXCEPTION_INT_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO"

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    1. It's cool to see Dave and Rick are still around after such a long time.
    2. Yet all three anwers fail to solve OPs problem ("What makes those pixels so different that they can't be colorkeyed?")
    3. Rick even warning about "monkeying" and copyrights stuff, when you know nothing about the project. Maybe it's a private project? Maybe it was the subject in an training course? Or maybe ChrisCrystalyze is legally working on this trailer?


    Just imagine how that feels to a person asking a question here.

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    So here's the thing: The pixels in the letterbox are 100% black, or rather RGB000. But the pixels that you're keying out are somewhat in the grey. – More often than not, movies don't go to a 100% black because it feels like there's a hole, and no more visual information. The movie could also be exported in Video Legal Range, while the letterbox contained black from full RGB range.

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    Hi there,


    I wonder if you can help with a Mocha for AE CC 2019 export problem.


    I cannot export tracking data as outlined in the tutorials.  I have sumarized the issue on this video mocha problem - YouTube .


    Any thoughts?


    Thank you,


    John Halpin

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