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    Is it possible?



    Also, Is there a shortcut to enable/disable Auto-Keyframe quickly?

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    No and No. Please file Feature Requests.

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    Thank you! It was tracking in the end - key word I was missing was kerning!

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    I guess you are talking about zooming in and zooming out a timeline as shown here:


    If that is what you are looking for you have 3 ways to do that
    a) use zooming slider located on bottom of your timeline:


    b) using keyframe shortcut. When you are on a timeline press + or - on your keyboard to zoom in or out arount timeline playhead
    c) place your mouse on place (time) that you wish to zoom in/out on your timeline and holding Alt on your keyboard scrool your mouse wheele


    Hope that that is what you were looking for and that helps.

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    As Mo Moollasaid your project have transparency os also as he said - you are rendering it wrong. And what he marked is what ypu are looking for. So do that and everything should be great. But remember that most of the video payers can't show transparency and will show you black background even if your video is transparent. Even for AE to show your transparency without anything beneath your layer you have to remember to turn on "Show transparency" button in your Toggle transparency grid


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    Good Morning DaSedge,


    I am in the same situation I have a i9 with 18 cores.

    I am really frustrated with the performance of AE.

    It only use a fraction of its performance, my Macbook Pro with 4 core i7 goes about as fast.


    However when I render 4K in Premiere I see a huge difference, it then utilize a 100% of my CPUs.

    But when rendering 1080p it uses 25% Top, I thought it would also use more and go faster.


    I hope that future update will take advantage of faster more modern hardware.


    the bottom line for me:

    Do not buy a high-end computer it wont help you much for Adobe CC.

    Choose instead a mid range computer, for now.

    The added cost is really an overkill - cannot fully utilize it.


    Bregoire Thanks for the Tips and explanation


    In the meantime, have a great morning.


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    As Roland said - you how to scale/transform object in composition that you put Motion Tile on - not Motion tile settings. Here rough set up of what you need to do:


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    How would that be possible - Adobe CC always update to the latest version.



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    You don't have to install an update if you don;t want to.

    If you do choose to install an update you can choose to keep previous version during installation.

    You can install previous versions anytime vvvv

    Install previous version of your Creative Cloud app

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    Would you try to uninstall  After Effects, using CC Cleaner? You install it again.


    Use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems

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    Hi everyone,


    I have 1000 different name and I want to animate fade in/out randomly. Like shining stars on the sky..

    Is there any easy method to do ?


    Thank you so much.


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    You could control the opacity using an expression - e.g. "wiggle(0.2,100)" fades randomly with a 5-second cycle time - but applying that separately to 1000 layers is unrealistic. If you're talking about a 'wall of names' where everything is on screen at the same time, viewers will stop noticing the replication with more than 20 different timing offsets - so group the names together into a smaller number of layers before trying to animate them.

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    Thank for advice. Maybe I will use a script to read text from file to make new layer. Maybe, 4 or 5 names will be animated together as you mentioned.

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    I re -installed my system least year. I have a package with after effects files for Christmas, I use this to make Christmas movies. I have been using this package for years. Now it does not play anymore, it says the quicktime file is not supported. When I inspect the quicktime file in OSX it says it has PNG structure. I have been using these files for years. Anyone know what to do?


    If anyone likes to inspect the file here is a link: Dropbox -


    Thanks for any help


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    Since the new update of after effects, whenever I export to media encoder nothing appears in the waiting list of media encoder. If I import it directly into media encoder is stays on the screen that its trying to connect to the dynamic links server.

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    I haven't used AE in a while, but while my PC specs have increased, my render times have not.

    I checked the performance tab in Task Manager to see where my bottleneck is, but I found nothing being too strained.

    Here is a screenshot of the performance tab when I'm rendering.


    Is this normal...? Why are my resources not being used? I need better render times than this.

    AE also seems to lock up my computer when rendering so I imagine it's straining something, but I don't know what....very confused.



    CPU: i7 8750H

    RAM: 32GB 2600MHz

    GPU: GTX 1070

    SSD: Samsung 970 evo

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    Discussion successfully moved from Adobe Creative Cloud to After Effects

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    Hmm.... now I'm a bit lost because the project won't open in V15. When I try to import the old project, I still get the same message and my project is damaged. Any idea on what I could do?

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    Hi Catrina


    Try this. Have both ME and AE open (side by side)


    Drag and drop the composition you want to render into the ME window


    Let me know if this works. In most cases it should



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