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    Sorry Dave, not sure what you mean by " Neither is anything above 4:2:0 8-bit"

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    Are they going off within the precomp itself, or in relation to your larger composition?

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    Having this selected definitely changes something, it doesn't fix it though, just kind of shuffles the layers round a little more. I've noticed when I move the comp around the 3d layers are reacting/moving independently as if the pivot point is moving within the comp – if that makes any sense. I presumed that when I pre comp layers, if I move the comp it won't effect the layers within it?


    Sorry if I'm not explaining it all very well...

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    Within the comp it's always fine, but when I drag that pre comp into a new comp with different comp dimensions and scale the comp down/up it throws the layers out of sync...

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    I reimported my AI file from scratch but the image is still now showing up. I've verified the AI file; nothing has changed in terms of layers/layernames. When I try to drag an imported AI layer into the comp it looks as if I'm dragging something but the actual image is not there:

    Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 7.49.19 AM.png

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    Did you used expression or the pig whip before precomping?


    When you activate collapse transformation (let's call it "sun"), the AE "sees" the individual layers within the precomp. When the sun is of, the precomp as treated as an normal 2D image, like all the layers are merged into one.


    Can you provide the project file, or an excerpt out of it? It will cut down the time for trouble shooting.

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    Does anyone have any experience optimizing image quality with text and a color gradient when exporting an animated gif?  So far I keep getting some artifacting in the color gradient.  The color gradient itself doesn't move, but the lines that go over the spectrum do.  Is there a way that I can clean this up?  I haven't tried exporting a png sequence and importing that into Photoshop yet, but that might be my next move unless one of y'all know of a handy setting I haven't thought to try yet.


    Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 10.13.01 AM.png

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    Hi, I've been working in RGB and am still finding strange colour conversions once in Ae. Any idea?


    Thank you

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  • 12/03/18--08:38: Looping Track Problem
  • Can Someone Please Help...

    Im Having a Serious Problem and It Bothers Me Soo Much.. When Im Prewiewing The Track İt Always Loops or Sometimes Randomly Changes Its Pitch And make the track slow motion. My computer is enough powerful to make videos. İf you know to fix this issue please help. I Cant find any fix to this issue. Im Using Laptop.

    My Computer

    Msi GE73VR 7RE

    -Gtx 1060 6GB

    -16 GB 2400Mhz Ram

    -İ 7-7700hq

    -3600-1500mbs Super Raid 4 Ssd

    -1TB 7200 Rpm HardDisk

    I set up the application on Local Disk SSD.

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  • 12/03/18--08:48: Re: System Requirements help
  • Hi Martin


    thanks for taking the time to respond. I think we have to go with a laptop due to travel needs but I have passed your comments onto our IT team. I think from their initial reaction, at the very least you may have increased my RAM from 16GB to 64GB so much appreciated!

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    It sounds like your pre-comp isn't the same frame rate as the one it's nested in. Can you go to your composition settings (Cmd/Ctrl+k) in each comp and see if they're the same or not?

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    That was it! Not too sure why but my frame rate was 29.7 on the new comp I was dragging the pre comp into... Thank you!

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    There are only 256 colors available in a GIF. The best way to optimize the colors is to render a lossless movie of your gif using the Lossless Output Module preset in the render cue and then open that movie in Photoshop. You can also eliminate any duplicated frames, adjust the timing of each individual frame, and further optimize the Animated Gif in Photoshop. None of those options are available in After Effects. If you are producing a lot of these files on a regular basis I would look into a tool specifically designed for that format. You will be a lot more productive and end up with a better product.


    If your project is destined for the web I strongly suggest that you consider using SVG instead of Animated GIF. The file sizes are considerably smaller, you have a lot more design flexibility, and you will be using cutting-edge tech for your clients instead of 20-year-old tech that never was a designers friend.

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    A more efficient workflow may be to set up placeholder solids or images in AE's 3D space, perfect the camera move and lighting, then export a C4D file and replace the placeholders with your 3D models. That is what I do with about 70% of my projects that involve 3D objects. I got the idea from cell animators that do pencil tests to make sure they get the motion right before they take the time to do ink and color, and I've been using an promoting the pencil test workflow since AE was new.

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    You need first to discover if the problem is the AI file, or AEP file. Create a new Aep file and try import this AI file, if the same error occurs, so the problem is the .Ai file. If not, try import another test new IA file to the project and see what happens.

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    Intel hardware encoding will not process material with higher color fidelity or bit depths.

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    Thanks.  I'll bother taking this into Photoshop.  The whole thing, is half 3D animation using renders from Cinema 4D, so I don't know how practical the SVG solution would be with this particular one, but it's not a bad reminder to have as other projects come up with different parameters.

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    I'm considering these specs too. If you actually bought this system, can you tell me if its working well?

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  • 12/03/18--11:05: Re: Looping Track Problem
  • First try deleting the Media Cache. If it does not work with this, it clears Ae's preferences. What version of Ae are you using and what are you doing exactly?

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    I'm not sure how to check my bit depth, is something wrong with these settings?

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