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    Also if it's possible depending to your workflow, i prefer to put each text inside separate composition and keep all this compositions inside one folder (maybe called "replace text here") so after you duplicate your project for the second language and you need to change the text you can simply expand the text folder and open each text composition and replace it, and like this you don't need to jump from composition to other and search your text layers. it's a sort of AE template structure.

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    Considering that words and phrases have very different lengths in different languages, I don't know if that's a good idea.

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    Yes i know so for that i say if it's possible depending to the project type, also they can give the text composition enough space to handle any text. anyway if they can give more information may we can give him also better suggestion

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    This is one of these "one size fits all" situations.  If you have a perfect layout in French, it will NOT be a perfect layout in German.


    I have also answered people who want to edit 16x9 video who also want it to work in 9x16!  They live in a dream world.  Thinking that you can change languages without also making design changes is living in a dream world, too.


    You can't make every AE project automatic and easy.  If you think so, you haven't been using AE for long.

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    Well, thank you for your messages !


    Concerning the layout, only few words are used in the video. Of course, i need to resize a little bit each texts (that's not automatic at all :-) you're right)


    But, I thougth that a sort of "magic trick" (or a super-high-tech feature) could prevent to duplicate the project.

    If no duplication, no need to change a key or a timing in each project….

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    On the Apple standard keyboard:

    • HOME is Function Left Arrow (Fn + ←).
    • END is Function Right Arrow (Fn + →).



    • Go to End of Composition, Layer, or Footage Item is Fn+Right
    • Go to Start of Composition, Layer, or Footage Item is Fn+Left
    • Go to End of Work Area +Fn+Left
    • Go to Start of Work Area +Fn+Right


    Also, Karabiner ( ) allows users to restore the extended keyboard keys that Apple used to remap over the standard keys.  This freeware brings back most of the former remapped keys if the “use standard fn only” mode is enabled.   I find this particularly useful for quickly selecting layers with a standard keyboard. 






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    i think you mean so if later you need to do some changes you don't need to go to each duplicating project and repeat your steps.

    i this case you can organize your project in a way where you keep all the Common animation in one composition than create a separate composition for the text variation (languages). in this case if you do a modification one the main composition it will be update in all languages.

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    Ok. I'm not Apple user so I figured that somehow Apple does not have Fn key or there is no fn home keyboard shortcut (as it is on small laptop keyboards with windows on board) that is why I sugested remaping or alternative combination. But if there is fn home (fn arrow) combination there should not be any issues with using those.

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    That doesn't answer the original question at all. It's blindingly obvious that increasing the speed of a CPU will make it do things faster, and we have already explained that it's an extremely bad idea to overclock a workstation to the extent that gamers do. GPU acceleration is irrelevant. Try rendering something and watch the GPU load graph.


    The only way to know if asymmetrical core speeds are faster is to render your composition with both settings. After Effects is not designed to use 100% of the system resources, but neither is it fully single-threaded. Every composition will have different results. What else the system happens to be doing at the time will be far more significant - the OP is talking about a minuscule clock speed increment.

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  • 12/06/18--00:57: 3D Book effect
  • Hello,


    first of all i would like to say, that I am a very beginner in area of Adobe After Effect, but i have to prepare an animation of 3D book. I would like to change a cover of this book, and of course content - I would like to put there my photos and some description.


    I searched some information how to that, and I found some templates but it's need to be paid 60$ for it.

    Maybe is it possible to find some free template? How to do that in very simple way?


    I would be very grateful for any clues.




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    I don't know anything about your project, but I wouldn't copy the project file.


    Let's assume your client makes a change concerning an asset or animation style which appears in all languages: you'll have to put in the change in every project file. If they are 2 languages to handle, this might be okay, but the more project files, the easier you get confused and the project becomes a mess.


    I also wouldn't duplicate the comp, because it will end up as same situation.


    Instead, I would keep all in one place. I would create such a project with a main-comp, with only precomps in it, no artwork, or text-layers, or what else. Following this logic, I would create smaller and smaller logical parts of my animation, up to the point where the text of a certain scene appear as a precomp, too.

    In this precomp, I would put in all languages for this text and scene only and set the layout for each text individually - as Dave pointed out: there is no layout to fit all.


    From this point I would put an expression to the opacity of the text layers, connecting them to a control-layer (usuall null object) with checkboxes to literally "click on the language, I want to play out". I would put this control as top-layer of my main-comp for global access.


    Once everything is set up and all expressions are put in (actual, it's nearly the same expression over and over again, so you can copy/paste your way through), you can playout every language with an ease:

    If there is a change in one language, just click on it, go down to the scene and comp, make the change, go back up, put the main into render queue and that's it.

    If there is a change in your timing, animation, or artwork, just change it ONCE.

    If you need to playout all languages at one another over night, duplicate your main comp, pay attention to naming, click on the language you are referring to and put all into queue. You can delete the duplicates after that.



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    Yes, you've hit on the problem ! And the control-layer seems to be a great way… Thanks Martin ! I'm going to test that.

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  • 12/06/18--01:59: Re: 3D Book effect
  • First of all if you are beginner - start with basics ( here: Adobe After Effects Learn & Support  ). without any basic knowledge it will be really hard for you to even understand what is someone talking about during giving you instructions.

    As for any easy/free ways of doing that - there is none. You have two choces:
    a) buy any of 3d book templates
    b) make that book yourselve


    As for buying tepmplate I will not send you any links - you can find them yourselve, but as for preparing a book in AE (after you learn some basics) those links should help: p-book/12137


    Or you can use that script: 3D Flip Book - aescripts + aeplugins - 

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    Hi everyone. I render an animation in blender. Output is multilayer exr. When I open the exr in after effects and apply extractor to file It don't show layer correctly.


    In example; Exr has a depth channel. When select the detph channel everyting is fine. But after a few frames later image changed to uv channel. This is not the case for the depth channel. All other channels have the same problem. Even beauty channel. When I check the sequence in other compositing programs such as Nuke everything is ok. I use AE 2018 15.1.2 and Pro EXR.  I tried on the 14.2 and I get same result.

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    The real answer is this:

    Changing the FPS in the Render Settings only changes the output render settings. If the project settings have a different frame rate than the render settings, the render settings compress (or expand) the timing of the final output. You need to make sure you set your project settings correctly as well as your render settings. To access the project settings click Ctrl/Cmd + D.


    To see a little tutorial somebody made about this, go to: /

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    I have a 3:45 minute clip with a man singing. He is not moving a lot. I applied a detailed face tracking on his face and it was fine. But when I want to extract & copy facial measurements on rest pose it fails on around 3:15 minute with the error message:

    Unable to allocate enough memory to render the current frame (1929 x 1080 @ 8 bpc). Either increase the memory requirements for rendering of this frame, or install more RAM


    I have 32GB of RAM and allocated 29GB for After Effects. How is this not enough?


    The video doesn't have any other effects applied to it is just a video of a man slightly moving within the frame with facial tracking data on his face. First I was using a  raw MTS file for editing then I tried to work on a converted Quicktime file but still fails on the same minute.


    Does anyone have any ideas how to deal with this problem?

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    This happened to me before and I have no idea how to fix it.
    While editing the shape of a vector layer my path and achorpoints just disappear. I can still see my vektor shape and move its position but not edit its shape.

    Can anyone help?
    Its getting frustrating

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    Just figured it out! Underneath the main editing/preview window you can choose the view 

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    Read the manual in it entire...  Helped 15%.  Thanks though.

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    Problem is that it does not do much to explain how the space as you say relates in videos with a lot of trees.  About the only thing I can do is edit them out and that will take time.  In other words very difficult to find a nice flat ref spot with camera tracker.

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