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    I'm having the same issue.


    I had a simple 2d animation project. Vector illustrations imported from AI. There's a few precomps and a few FX applied. It's nothing major.


    It estimates 1hr to render an 15sec HD clip.


    I've cleared my cache. And I allocated more RAM to other programs to not starve the cores. 16gb. 6gb other programs. 10 gb AE. That doesn't appear to have helped at all.

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    To change the starting timecode of a composition press Control + K (CMD + K on a Mac) and change the Comp settings there under "Start Timecode"

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    does the Precomposition start from frame 1? 

    place the precomposition at frame 1 in the main comp.


    please show timeline screenshots for both main comp and precompostion

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  • 12/07/18--13:51: Re: Very slow save
  • Having this problem with the new versions as well.  Just having 15-20 video files in the project, without any FX at all, is enough to require a 15 minute save.


    Re: the tone taken in this (and many) threads: pretty much fed up with the arrogance of the Adobe forum "help" and the small legion of well-known users in these forums who undoubtedly, unlike the rest of us, get their concerns promptly addressed.


    Beware Adobe and your cadre, open source substitutes to your software can, and will, eventually appear, and you'll have wanted to start taking a different approach to your customers earlier.

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    This was happening in a friends project. I started a new project and everything worked as I expected! He may have changed some settings that he doesn't remember. Thanks for solutions and I'll close this question out.

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    This is only possible with scripts, sadly.


    Motion v2 and KeyBoard are both capable of this. The function is called "clone" in both. Have a look at DUIK, too. I'm not sure it it's included, but maybe you are lucky - DUIK if for free.

    Check AEScripts and aenhancers, too. Chances are high, that there are more scripts out there, doing this. Some might be for free, too.



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    @Rick Gerard-Thanks for the explanation.  This is also true for placing the comp with the camera movement in a new comp.  You lose the movement in the new comp. That what I was looking for a solution to.

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    Ayooooo so I was having some issues as well, echoing most of this forum. A user on here suggested unplugging screens....this definitely sped up my workflow considerably. I'm running a 2018 Macbook Pro with 16GB RAM, 2.9GHZ Intel Core i7. I usually have it connected to 2010 Acer 1080p monitor (I know, not 4k). However, I am editing 4k footage on this computer for the first time. My timeline has about 50 tracks in it. Nothing crazy, but plenty of masks and some effects. It was SUPER SLOW when doing RAM previews , even at 1/4 quality. Then I unplugged my I can watch full quality previews, although it's still a bit choppy. Definitely way way better though. Obviously this still isn't a real fix, but it helped me a shiiiit ton. Hope this helps ! I'm on AE 2019.


    Adobe please please try to fix this!! I do not want to learn a new program lol

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    So? And what is the problem? You did not watch and learn from tutorial because you could not download jpg file that was used as a background? Are you serious?

    Background is a background and you can use anything as a background, any graphics or even solid layer.

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    if you don't have experience and you need to done your project more faster you can simple go and buy some template witch include a lot of elements that can help you do you project. 

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    Is there some way to force AE to recognize the selection order so I can have some idea of what the results will be?


    This has bothered me for awhile and I've finally decided to try and understand it.

    Using the Distribute Layers function within the Align panel uses logic I cannot predict.

    I have ten text layers that are actual numbers (1-10).

    The layers are in a order.

    I move the 10 all the way to the right where I want the distribution to end.

    I select all the layers (in order) yet AE distributes the layers, for all intents, randomly

    Furthermore it's a different random order depending on distribution I choose.

    If I choose Distribute horizontally it gives one order but if I choose Distribute Right it uses a different order.

    Is there some way to force AE to recognize the selection order so I can have some idea of what the results will be?


    Of course i could creat the text layers as all the same. distribute them and THEN change each layer to the number I want but

    I'm just curious if there's something I'm missing, or if it's something AE is missing.


    Thanks Y'all....Yee-Haw

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    I learned some stuff. Ill post more later

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    I had this problem and spent days trying to fix it, including reinstalling my GPU drivers and returning to several earlier editions of AE. Then AE crashed with a font error on startup. This at least gave me a clue. After more Googling, I took these steps.


    1. Changed the power settings in Windows to "High performance" (I'm using a desktop). That made a slight but noticeable improvement.

    2. Purged all the Adobe fonts and their caches (they are all over the place and it takes time to find them).

    3. Installed FontDoctor, which found 26 corrupt fonts. I quarantined and deleted them. Be aware that you will need to run FontDoctor as the administrator, or it won't quarantine anything.


    This has made a large improvement. It's still slower than I would prefer, but it is much, much faster than before (especially previews).

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    Just trying out the latest version (trial) of CC 2019, and when I import an mp4 clip, after effects is adding glitched gfx on at least one frame.  Sometimes an entire green background or running along the bottom (as in the example below).  It is there after rendering as well. Bit against the clock (6 days remaining), so need to know if there are things to try sorting it before I think about a purchase.






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  • 12/08/18--06:04: AFTER EFFECTS TEMPLATE
  • Anyone Know if AE has free Text Animated templates like video blocks? I'm looking for but i Py a Adobe subscription  and no want to pay to another website . Thank

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    I had this issue. After a few days of painful experimentation, I found a few things which worked; see my other post on this subject here.

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    i found another easy fix.

    the creative cloud logged me out of my account automatically somehow which i didn't knew. so when i started AE it just showed up in task manager and disappeared within few seconds. after many attempts i launched the creative cloud app to update AE and noticed that i was logged out so i logged in and tried to launch AE and it worked like charm.


    this fixed my problem hope would work for you too.

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    Had the same issue with a huge 56.5gb file, so changing the format of the whole thing was going to be a pain in the ***. Tried everything I could think of and the only thing that worked was making an identical copy of the file and re-importing it. Weird Bug.

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    The Align/Distribute Panel works in the Comp Panel - nothing in the Timeline is regarded in any manner AFAIK.


    I use this script for sorting/re-stacking layers in the Timeline.

    Sortie - aescripts + aeplugins -

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  • 12/08/18--09:36: Re: AFTER EFFECTS TEMPLATE
  • There are free MoGRTs (Motion Graphics Templates) in PPro. You can open these in AE and edit them - use the File Open command in AE to open these .mgrt files.


    There was a time when AE shipped with Templates - I'm not sure when that stopped. 


    Can you post examples of stuff from videoblocks that you like? Lots of other template sites offer Template freebies.

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