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    After effect not rendering video it says skip existing file Help me

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    We are going to need a lot more information in order to help you. Try rendering your video to a different folder.

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  • 12/19/18--08:42: Can I change the view
  • Newbie question: can I change the view to make all the AE stuff - the tools, the labels, the icons - bigger? I'm finding them hard to see. I don't want to make the composition bigger.

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  • 12/19/18--09:02: Changing alphabet
  • Hello, very simple question but can anyone tell me if it's possible to switch to the japanese alphabet in after effects?



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    I am trying to import my character animator PNG sequence in after effects but the script does not display to allow me to import. Please help!

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    Still having the same issues as OP.

    2 workarounds:

    Clicking through the timeline a couple of times (5 to 10 times to let it fully update) instead of dragging the timeline or...

    Saving and restarting the file after the render.


    Not really ideal for my client.

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    That is something I was actually thinking about seeing as how using RotoBrush is very tedious work considering 30FPS and 53 seconds. 


    Thank you for the suggestion

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    What version of AE are you and your client using?

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    Rick Gerard


    Thank you for that.  I just realized that Frame Rate was the same thing i was talking about, again novice.  For the video length it is just a single rotation.  The base has 1 speed and it take 50 seconds to complete a rotation.  I did not think this was a problem when we purchased because i would just speed the clip up in post edit.  Now i realize that it is.  I am probably going to try Dave's suggestion that or just get a new base that is faster.


    I tried to reduce the frame rate but when i did RotoBrush required me to increase the framerate to work properly.  The most i am able to shave off is 5 frames per second.  

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    I think the next year or so will be expression chaos as we transition to full javascript and it gets debugged.

    I still think it is an SSD cache problem, or RAM, or VRAM all not refreshing properly, maybe to do with proclivity, if that is still accessible.

    Many broadcasters won't accept templates with Expressions in, which makes MOGRT in particular an unviable delivery option.

    Hopefully some sort of under the hood soltion will be found.

    In the meantime, at least Venetian blinds works on the GPU now. That was high on the priority list!

    I think multi -processing may be getting better in 2019.

    the Lord gives...

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  • 12/19/18--10:01: Re: Can I change the view
  • No, unfortunately, you can't scale AE's interface. The best you could do is reduce your screen's resolution, or perhaps find an app that will automatically change the resolution on a per-app basis, like SwitchResX for Mac (SwitchResX - The Most Versatile Tool For Controlling Screen Resolutions On Your Mac

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  • 12/19/18--10:05: Re: Changing alphabet
  • According to this page After Effects System Requirements (go to the bottom) Japanese is not an available language for After Effects. However, this page Change the language setting of your Creative Cloud apps shows how you would go about doing so. I'm not sure what will happen, but it's worth a try. Note, you have to uninstall then reinstall the app after changing your language.

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  • 12/19/18--10:46: Re: Pre-Comp Question
  • Copied this from another forum since this last answer was incredibly unhelpful:

    Make the layers in the initial composition 3D layers. Then nest it in the other comp and make the layer it creates 3D, and turn on continuous rasterisation (the sun icon) for that layer. Now elements protruding beyond the edge of the nested comp will appear.

    This will not create any problems if your comp is 2D, but it might create problems if you're using 3D layers in either the nested comp or the final one. The other problem is that the bounding box shown in the comp window is dynamic for a continuously rasterised layer, so it will grow to suit the size of all the visible layers.

    A less kludgy way of achieving this result would be to make the nested comp big enough to fit all the action, and to add a layer to act as guide to show the size of the final frame. You could create a solid, or a shape layer with an outline or whatever you want. Unfortunately you could not use a proper guide layer, as they do not show up in nested compositions, only in the composition in which they reside. So you'd have to turn off the pseudo-guide layer before rendering.

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  • 12/19/18--10:47: Re: Pre-Comp Question
  • I only needed to turn on continuously rasterize to the pre-comp'ed layer to make this work skipping all the 3D steps.

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    If you are still experiencing a blank frame even after creating a new keyframe back one frame from the end and then deleting the last one, try to "Purge All Memory & Disk Cache...".


    This fixes the problem for me when I have a stubborn comp that keeps the blank frame even after setting up the loop correctly as other users have stated.

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    When you do roto work you should have the same frame rate for the comp and the clip. That's really the only way to keep things lined up.


    I took another look at your footage and the best approach for me would be hand roto with one master subtraction mask and two triangular add masks. This took less than 10 minutes and just a few keyframes. If you are interested, here is the project file: Dropbox - Roto.aep  Another 10 minutes or so cleaning up and fine-tuning the mask position would eliminate all but the white disk the product is setting on. Here's a screenshot with everything I did showing.

    Screenshot_2018-12-19 10.58.57_roNTkP.png

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    Rick Gerard


    That is extremely helpful thank you.  I'll review what steps you took and see if I can replicate as well.  Thanks again.

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    Doing a small vid for you, Hold on a bit plz


    Easy object to make and keyframe:


    Here are the steps:


    1. Create a solid and call it clean  plate

    2. Add a gradient ramp. Change black to colour of your whit by eyedropping

    3. Create mask around the object using pints only at edges

    4. Keyframe (do NOT keyframe 1 frame at a time). Use increments of roughly 10 frames or so (so mask does not move around too much

    5. Add the loop expression as per Rick's post

    All done


    Rick Gerard This is an easy one as his BG was kinda clean and his object was angular so no need to root at all

    imeilfx check the GIF export hehe

    Please note I did this really quickly (like 5 mins) and didn't spend time on refining mask expansion or adding a feather which will give u a more precise look


    Roto with no Roto.gif


    Hope this helps



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    Hey Everyone,


    I find it really useful to automatically ingest all assets in Premiere Pro.

    So far, I could not find a similar option for AE.


    Is there a way to automatically copy assets in the same folder as the project.


    Thank you



    PS: I am asking cuz I always get unlinked assets when reopening old projects.

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