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    Hi Derrick


    First step reset preferences


    Reset After Effects Preferences

    1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift (Windows) or Command+Option+Shift (Mac OS) while the application is starting.
    2. A dialog box launches asking you if you want to delete your preferences file. Click OK.
    3. To also restore default keyboard shortcuts, Alt-click (Windows) or Option-click (Mac OS) the OK button.

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    With respect, I don't want to have to go back and reset all of my preferences with a blanket reset unless it's a last resort. Is there anything specifically related to my problem that you might suggest?

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    Thank You!

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    Try this. Great a new comp. Any old comp will do


    Type a few words out on separate layers or even on just one


    Try the alignment tool and see if it works in this simple test


    If its still wonky u have preferences issues.

    If it works we will look at next steps



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    I have done this and it worked fine. Still doesn't work on the old comp tho.

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    Can u post a screen grab of your original comp where everything going wrong or a small vid would be even more helpful

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    Hi Guys

    I'm using CC2019 and I've been creating templates for a year or more, but today I cannot seem to save a basic template I have created. This should have been a two minute job, but It as it runs through the save process, I get this message over a non-sync font (Arial for Pete's sake):




    I click OK, but it just closes as if I clicked on cancel and nothing is saved to the library. I have tried recreating in CC2018, but face the same issue. Normally the font auto syncs. How can I manually run the sync? Am I overlooking something obvious?


    Any help, guidance would be most appreciated as I'd like to sort this problem out for a project tomorrow morning.




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    I would, but it randomly started working again. I started re-creating the elements in my composition, but manually copy/psted the numbers for the various properties. Those layers worked fine though the old ones didn't. However, once I deleted *some* of the old layers, they all started working fine. I don't know why that'd happen, but I get the sense that it was a bug.


    The exact workflow I did was this: I took layers from a composition where they had parents, copy/pasted them into a new one where they had no parent (I tried both with and without explicitly setting parent to "none"), got rid of all of the keyframes, edited their lengths to match the new comp length, and started trying to do position animation with them. Though I could move them normally, I got the weird alignment bugs as I described earlier.


    Thank you for your help, Mo; I don't know exactly how to recreate this as those are the only steps I can think of to do over, but at least it's working now. I'll post again if it returns.

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    And of course, it came right back.


    Here's a video of the bug in action.

    In the video, I use the align tools on a group of yellow blocks just fine. Then I click on the problematic blue blocks, and it doesn't work at all. The background layers were locked, so those shouldn't be affecting anything. To explain the weird shape of the selection box of the flat '100s blocks' to the left, they are, for animation reasons, actually a 10s block that I used a repeater to shape it into a 100 block.


    AE Bug - YouTube

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    Here's the weird behavior I was talking about with the "align bottom" tool. It works fine on the yellow blocks, but it goes crazy with the blue blocks.


    AE Bug 2 - YouTube

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    Also, to be clear: the blue and yellow block layers have the same content. The blue ones were the ones that I'd copy pasted, and the yellow ones were the layers I rebuilt from scratch in this composition.

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  • 12/21/18--12:50: AE is distorted a file
  • When I poot a footage in after effects it can't show and render it normally and start to show green cover on the footage and more thing that destroying the video.

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  • 12/21/18--12:57: Re: AE is distorted a file
  • I'm not sure if I understood you correectly but if you ge green/porple footage that should help: Resolution for an issue where green, purple, or pink haze appears in the Source or Program monitors, or the exported fil… 

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    It is not. But it still gets blurred when it's moving in, and the stroke gets bigger. Is there anyway to have a layer be 3D, moving with the camera tracker, but not change stroke width? The camera does have a lot of zoom, from about 1000px to 20000px, so the change is pretty drastic. Looking for a way to draw a line that doesn't change width, but still moves around as the camera moves.

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    I will look more into a particle system, good idea. I watched some videos on the Trapcode 3D Stroke, but I'm not seeing how I would be able to apply it to a 3D camera that is moving without it still getting blown up in size. Hmmm.

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  • 12/21/18--14:27: Re: AE is distorted a file
  • also it's better if you can post some screenshot about your issue.

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    7680 x 1080 isn't supported yet.


    The supported frame sizes for MP4 are tied to the profile level.


    This blog has a great table showing which frame sizes are supported by which profile level:

    H.264 profiles and levels | Inside & Outside MediaCoder


    What's the intended use of the file?  If you can go with Apple ProRes422 (LT) or Apple ProRes422 (Proxy), that CODEC supports significantly larger frame size, both standard and custom.  (Side note:  A 1st generation ProRes422 (Proxy) fill will look really good.  It just won't hold up well to recompression later.)




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    The latest update in CC2018 supports h.264 resolution up to 16k. This should work. Like imeilfx suggested, change the level and you will get there.

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    This is really strange. I tried to recreate it on my side and couldn't.


    I really feel you should look at resetting your preferences



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    I hate to say to say it, but I think it's time to reset preferences.  It's a pain if you've customized a lot of them.


    I haven't, but I understand it's possible to save your preferences to a special file (type unknown to me) instead of just leaving it up to AE, which can corrupt its preferences file.  I bet you can also duplicate the AE preferences file and squirrel it away for use when things go south.

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