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    I have this issue with my Adobe After Effects CC 2017 that when I click play to watch the preview, it pauses instantly so I can't watch it at all. Because of this, I can't render my project fully as the composition has to pre-render first (the green bar)? I have a 4 GB Toshiba Laptop, not the best but it makes do. I've atatched a screenshot for my screen if you need anymore tell me.

    Thank you!


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    Hi everyone,


    I just made this tutorial explaining how to create masks that move with a mocha track and still can be keyframed on top of the track.



    If you move masks with the mask tracker or by importing a mask from mocha, you have a keyframe on each frame, which makes it almost impossible to tweak the mask shape later. In contrast to that, MochaImport+ applies an expression to the mask shape in order to move it with the track. This expression also supports keyframes - so you can add keyframes on top of the track to easily adust the shape where necessary.

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    Just having After Effects 2017 installed with 4GB of RAM (I assume it's RAM to what you mean) is already a true miracle. What you have is what you get, try to export without making previews, it is not necessary to make the previews (green bar) to be able to export your composition.


    If it is not RAM to which you refer, be more explicit please. Details of your processor, GPU, RAM, hard disk or solid disk, etc., etc.

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    I have the issue with any* plugins from third party devs. I apply it to any layer and i cant select and collapse it


    I captured screencast, you can see it there File “screencast 2018-12-26 20-54-55.mp4”



    About This Mac 2018-12-26 21-34-39.png

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    Hi there,


    i want to aktivate the sun-symbol in after effects for my vektor-graphics to optimate them. It's working with one file, with the others its not working. But i dont see any difference between the files. Does anybody has an idea why its not working?


    and i have a camera in the video. if i activate the sun symbol for a composition, the camera is not working anymore.


    i hope someone can help me!

    Thanks in advance i wrote the questions in german also, if there are germans out there. i think i can explain it better in german


    cheers, Jana


    questions in GERMAN:

    Ich habe mehrere Vektorgrafiken in eine after effects komposition eingefügt und möchte diese mit dem Sonnensymbol optimieren, das geht aber nicht bei allen. Was mache ich falsch?


    Die zweite Frage die ich habe: ich habe unterkompositionen in meiner Datei, sobald ich dort das Sonnensymbol aktiviere funktioniert meine Kamerafahrt nicht mehr. warum ist das so? kann ich etwas dagegen tun?

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    If you are beginer you should start with some basics of AE - that will help you with most of what you will think of doing in AE. Look here for beginner tutorials: After Effects tutorials | Learn how to use After Effects CC

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    See effects and presets, you are looking for the "typewriter" preset.

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    Hard to tell without screenshots, but is the problem layer a 3D layer?

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    You picked an animation preset,  which can be many kinds of effects.  I'll guess you're brand-new at this.  I strongly urge a lot of quality time here....


    After Effects tutorials | Learn how to use After Effects CC


    ...and you blow off these basic lessons at your peril.

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    Yeah, with just 4 gigs of memory you're lucky to have both the operating system and After Effects running at the same time, to say nothing of doing RAM Previews!  Get yourself more memory!  16 gigs total will do the trick.

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    You need to activate the 3D layer also, to work with camera.

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    In this efect, your cursor somehow changes on its own to a pencil when keyframing the effect, and you can no longer change the entire line as there is no button to turn the pencil back to a cross so you can move the entire line.


    Anyone else experience this?  I sent Adobe a bug report on it, perhaps there is a current workaround.

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    Hi everyone, Did something change in the last updates of After effects? I being using AE for decades... yes decades, since version 3.1 but today I just can't do a simple parenting...

    maybe there is a hidden preference somewhere.... this never happened to me.


    So layer B is parented to A.

    Layer A is in a different position and it has some scale applied, no animation so far. Normal result would be as soon as you parent layer B to layer A any new modification over layer A will be apply also to layer B. Well when I parented the Layer B to layer A it automatically copy the distorsion and position of the layer A instead of remain untouch and move or deform with any new adjustmente over layer A.


    ??????? what's going on here? Can't believe I'm stucked on something like this


    Thanks for your help

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    here is an example project.. it seems that rotation is the problem. what why? 


    Dropbox - parent problem.aep

    Maybe a bug? or some weird new preference....?

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  • 12/26/18--15:13: Re: I DON’T HAVE H.264
  • I’ve tried adding to AME QUEUE from AE but when I click literally nothing happens

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    I'm taking a guess here that you're importing an Adobe Illustrator file as a Composition to find all of your separate objects in your AI file are only on one layer inside After Effects.  If that's the case, it's important to remember that AE sees no deeper than AI Layers.  So, objects and sub-layers are all merged to AE.


    If you only need certain objects to be seen as their own Layer in After Effects, you can promote them to their own respective Layers by creating Layers as needed and then moving object(s) as needed to new layers.


    If you need all of your objects to be seen as their own layer in After Effects, you want to use "Release to Layers - Sequence" in the Layer pop-up menu to promote each object to its own sub-layer.  Then you want to move each sub-layer to the root level of the document (so that they are no longer inside a Layer).  It's probably worth taking the time to give your layers descriptive names while still in Illustrator.  If your Illustrator file is complex, this will take some time to do.


    If this is the first time that you've ever used Release to Layers, I recommend doing this in a duplicate Illustrator file so that you always have your original to get back to.  If the original is named "", then name the duplicate "" (or anything like that that easily identifies that it's the document for After Effects.


    Again, I'm just guessing.





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    Not sure what's going wrong, but when I apply "roughen edges" effect to a layer, it ends up shifting the edge of the masked layer even after I remove "roughen edges" effect. I've never seen this happen before until today. But if you look closely at the second image below, you can see that the edge of the masked green shape has slightly shifted. It doesn't make sense because I simply duplicated the red image and changed it's color to green. Then after applying the roughen edge effect, the edge of the duplicated shape (green) shifted slightly so that the green shape is not longer exactly over the red shape. Even after removing the roughen edge effect the problem remains. Has anyone else run into this problem?


    Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 6.14.48 PM.jpg

    Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 6.15.11 PM.jpg

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    I am having problems with After Effects and Media Encoder crashing while rendering. I have called tech support, no help there. I have called a tech to see if it is my PC he worked on it for hours and said it was a software issue. I have now waited on hold now for 3.5 hours for Adobe tech support. Frustrated beyond words this has been going on for weeks I keep sending the crash reports , do they go into a black hole or do they tell what the problem is. This problem started with the last update a couple of weeks ago, it was working fine before that. Any suggestions?

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    More information needed for someone to help... please click below and provide the requested information


    -Premiere Pro Video Editing Information FAQ

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  • 12/26/18--15:37: Re: I DON’T HAVE H.264
  • Adobe Dynamic Link is how After Effects and Media Encoder talk to each other.  It sounds like something went wrong.


    Have you tried to restart?  That usually takes care it.


    You can also try adding your Composition to the Media Encoder Queue from the Media Encoder side by opening Media Encoder and then choosing File > Add After Effects Composition....


    Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 3.34.20 PM.png


    But again, restarting usually takes care of Dynamic Link issues.

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