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    The headset is a surround sound device and you might need to change your comp / project audio from two channel / stereo to surround

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    I got a new PC and installed a fresh copy of AE 2019, with all the necessary optimizations for memory and caching and the like.


    I created a 1080p 60fps comp and put a single 20 second mp3 file in and previewed it, however I only made it 1.3 seconds in before the frame rate tanked to half and progressively got lower. I reiterate, there wasn't a single video file being rendered, just audio. (I tested later with multiple audio and video files and the result is the same - 1 to 1.5 seconds before it was unusable). I uninstalled 2019 and moved back to 2017 and the problem still persists. I don't know what is wrong or why it is doing this, but it is crippling my ability to do my job so any help would be greatly appreciated.


    - Intel i7 4790K Quad Core

    - 32GB 1866mhz DDR3 RAM

    - MSI GTX 970 (4GB VRAM)

    - 500GB Samsung SSD connected by SATA3.



    - GPU Acceleration enabled

    - 29/32GB of RAM allowed for AE
    - 500GB of a separate 1TB SSD for cache


    My previous machine had the same parts but the storage was HDD and there was only 16GB and it performed better than this.

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  • 01/02/19--19:46: Re: Most efficient way
  • Illustrator is out of the question. The client (an architect) creates his plans and his layouts in ArchiCAD and AutoCAD. He outputs these as PDFs.


    I have to take those files into Photoshop to do some work (like split things up like the dj decks ready for animating) then they end up as a multilayer unflattened PSD.


    This is a quick render of a totally UNFINISHED bit I'm working on for client's social media. there are two huge layers showing on screen at this time plus some very small layers for the mixer which are precomped but I might end up with smaller layers in the .psd



    I worry that any smaller layers in the .psd may take up memory based on the height and width of the .psd rather than just the dimensions of that layer.

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  • 01/02/19--20:18: Re: Most efficient way
  • Great advice from Rick above, but I will add that I've done a lot of work with similar content, and rendering is much faster if you split your large image into segments.  It doesn't matter if they're PSD or PNG.  I'd set yourself a limit, say 4000x3000, and segment your images accordingly. 


    Why does it help?  After Effects buffers all the layer components for a frame its rendering, applies effects, then composites.  If you use one giant layer, After Effects has to buffer that layer in every frame, then apply effects (such as blur) to the entire layer, then composite it.  If you've segmented your image and only on or two of the segments are visible in a particular frame, After Effects ignores the layers that can't be seen and only renders the smaller segments it needs to.  Huge RAM saving, less CPU load, and overall faster renders.

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  • 01/02/19--21:03: Re: glitching prewiew
  • Additionally, .mp4 and .mp3 are not ideal working formats. Both are highly compressed, and your machine is going to be working harder to process every frame. Try encoding your footage into a different, less-compressed format, and see if that makes a difference for you. If you'r ehaving any audio issues, try converting that .mp3 to a .wav.

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    How is your scratch disk set up? And on what drive type is it?

    The correct setup of the scratch disk which houses the disk cache files is of paramount importance as this is the area that preview files are generated in. The best solution is to have a scratch drive as a seperate SSD with nothing else on it.


    Also take note that even though you were just previewing audio there are a few factors to consider:

    1. Bitrate of the file

    2. Did you hit space or . or 0 to preview



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  • 01/02/19--21:38: Re: Most efficient way
  • if you are importing your PSD files as a composition it should make no difference at all. AE will prompt whether you want to bring them in merged or as individual layers.

    So I don't see the problem here at all.

    You can then use each layer singularly and add effects with ease. AE, even at those pixel sizes should comfortably manage.


    From your video I see the animation elements are minimal so there is nothing that you are zooming too much into.

    Since you arent doing any "macro" type work I would bring down the image files to a comfortable pixel size that will be easier on AE. That can be done from PS as smaller export files.

    I would not recommend a png or jpeg export as you are severely compressing on PS output and then compressing again on AE output.



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  • 01/02/19--21:45: Re: glitching prewiew
  • 2019-01-02+(6).png

    Your original file type is an AVI. The comp is a 1920 x 1080 but original file is 1440 x ?

    Your should take the AVI into Media Encoder and output as a different format.

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    If you are on a PC you might need to install drivers for the headset.

    If you are on a Mac you are sorted as OS X has all the drivers u need

    You need to do this BEFORE you start AE.

    Set your global sound output preference on Windows or OS X to your headset.

    Play anything through VLC and see if you are hearing anything. If you are, all good to go.

    If not throw your headset in the bin and buy an Artemis G933 (just kidding)

    Now start AE, set AE's sound output to the headphone


    Also just wondering what this is:

    "but yet the audio visualizer is showing audio playing"


    What audio visualizer are you talking about?


    Let me know



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    If you experience this again theres a really simple fix.

    Go to: Window-->Workspaces-->Reset current workspace


    AE will will then automatically resize everything you your monitors native resolution



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    Thank you for the suggestion Mo. That would be great, however at least in the current release, there is no "Reset Current Workspace" option that I can find. (Please see attached). Noting here that the Reset "Standard" to Saved Layout option does not help.AE_Workspace_Reset.png

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    When I was starting my my adventure with AE loong time ago - I learned that AE does not like mp3s and otyher weird high compression video and audio codecs. Years passed, my warkstations changed drasticly but old habits stayed. So even when most of you probably uses mp3 files in AE, import everything what you get and what AE is willing to accept I still try to convert all off my audio files into wave and any weird/not tested and not known formats/codecs to some good intermediate codecs - that way I prevent many of issues that can occure with those files.
    We have to remember that any high/compicated compression is much more labor intensive for your CPU to payback so if we know that our SSD/HDD are capable of pushing larger files/bitrates it is always better to make conversion - that way we leave more cpu for calculating our animations, color correction, compositing and so on and not spending that on video playback (decoding).
    So lets say that you have everything perfectly optimised for AE on hardware side - I would recommend you conversion from mp3 to wave - that takes literally seconds and can save you many headaches.

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    Reset Standard to saved should work unless you had made changes to it.

    if it doesn’t the best way forward would be to reset your preferences



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  • 01/02/19--22:19: AE create mask as a effect
  • ae里的transform可以作为一个effect加在图层上,这样可以和效果一样批量复制,我经常用(就是快捷键不方便)。AE的mask不好用,所以一直期待有一个第三方的mask工具 (比如NUKE的roto)像这个transform一样,但是一直找不到,所以在effect,mask,transform的顺序调整上经常不得不建立更多的图层,这对我工程的整理和批量 产生了很大麻烦,所以谁能解释一下为什么没有嘛,是用的人少还是实现不了

    The transform in ae can be added to the layer as a effect, so it can be copied as batch as the effect, which I often use (that is, the shortcuts are not convenient). AE's mask is not easy to use, so I always expected a third-party mask tool (such as NUKE's roto) like this transform, but I couldn't find it, so I often had to create more layers in the effect,mask,transform order adjustment. This has caused a lot of trouble to my project's arrangement and batch production, so who can explain why there isn't, is it a small number of people or it can't be realized?

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    Ok. Some good news.
    So I'm currently trying tracking with AE cc2018 and its working instantly as of the first try (it might fail in upcoming tests as it worked flawlessly with cc2019 at first as well)  bsined any luck on your end? 

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    Hi, thanks to a bug in the software of a multicam-camera system, we're experiencing a lot of freeze-frames in our footage: for example the footage will be:


    Frame 1

    Frame 2

    Frame 2

    Frame 4

    Frame 5


    This happens a lot and it gives the footage an akward 'jerky-motion' feeling. What I'm looking for is a solution to create an extra video frame between frame 2 (first one) and frame 4, that compensates for the missing motion.


    Thanks for any ideas!



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    Are you sure if that is a software bug? If I understand correctly it looks for me more like wrong field order in interlaced footage. Are you sure if there is everything ok in there?

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    Very sure. The thing is that it's a camera system build by a small company. It worked fine the first 3 times (for dozens of hours) and for some reason it now pops up. They don't find a solution themselves though...

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    If it is some kind of custom camera system/custom script made for you and it is not avaliable for community it will be very hard to diagnose what is going on and what stopped working.
    Actually you have two choices:
    a) force guys who build that system for you to fix it
    b) if system worked in earlier AE version (2018 or 2017 or even earlier) and it is not working in new one (december 2018 release) just downgrade and use earlier one with your system.

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    Agreed +1

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