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    In After Effects, the maximum size for a composition is 30,000 px by 30,000 however, what is the maximum size when rendering it through media encoder?

    I'm working with a composition that is 22712 px by 1080 px except when I go to set it to render the max. width is 16,376px by 684px under matching source. If I try to manually expand the width to 22712px, the largest I can make the width is 8192px.

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    Maximum size depends on the format. Typically lossless formats have larger frame size limits, an image sequence can be anything you like it to be. There are specifications for all compressed formats like MPEG and MP4 that have nothing to do with the AME.


    What are you trying to do with your rendered file? If it is for a multiple display setup then you'll have to check with the folks that are playing back the file. Sometimes the only option is to use a specialized encoder to render the final video.

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    It's not user error.  I opened the project, changed nothing and it works fine.  Has to be a system issue.

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    The file will be spread across 5 screens. Concerning the specifications for various compressed formats, where would I find those? Also, any tips on what specialized encoder to use? Really appreciate your quick reply!

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    I need help.


    I have downloaded AE from official site, but when I start to launch it doesn't work and there is a message about the Crash Report.

    Thank you in advance! !

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    install the cc desktop app from here and use it to install your adobe subscription and trial programs.

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    As Rick said about format and most important codec (and exact resolution)  you have to ask tech peope that will play your stuff on those screens. Some media servers will take standard mp4, some proress and some also weird mpg or something even weirder. So first you have to know from what format you can chose from rendering your animation to be playable on those screens.
    Then - we will tell you witch one will be best or you get it by yourselve by changing export settings - if codec cant render to more pixels will not let you do that.

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    Im very familiar to AE and have been using 3D tracker awhile now and have had little problems.  Recently once I set the ground plane (after its been analyzed) and "create text and camera" that all works but as soon as I try to create another tracked text - select more points - R-click and "create text" it only allows "Create Text and Camera"  Worked perfectly a month ago in the same project...I tried other projects and the same issue... I exported as an older file thinking it was the new update and same thing. Created a new project from scratch, same thing...The weird part is it will randomly start work sometimes and then I close it out and then re-open and same issue...???


    Any thoughts or insights would be much appreciated !


    Im using the latest v 16.0.1




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    This is a 3 part question I have in regards to my specific needs. I'll keep this as clear as possible:

    Please let me know if there are better ways of accomplishing this goal (as I'm still a beginner)


    -  Goal: To create motion graphics animation videos (+5 min) by using AE to create a Composition with 5-10 sec scenes (Windows PC btw).


    - Take this Composition, and render them using Render Queue into a LOSSLESS format, since my goal is to take these video clips and create transitions for them through AE or PR and render out the FINAL video clip (which will be +5 min long).


    Q: What is the best Format and Video Codec I can choose under Render Queue > Output Module settings? (for my situation)


    - Then, I'll go back into AE, in order to create more scenes / compositions to complete the rest of my final video.


    - After rendering out these separate scenes, I need to add transitions between these individual rendered video clips. I've heard a good method is working through PR in order to create the transitions within the PR Timeline and rendering out the whole video through there, but what if I need to create AE-based transitions?


    Q: What's the best workflow you could recommend to compile/combine all of these video clips together into a final video? (in my case)


    - After I have completed editing the entire video and need to upload it to YouTube, I need to choose a Video Format and Codec.


    Q. What is the best Format and Video Codec for rendering out the FINAL video clip for YouTube settings?



    Thank you,


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    a) use ProRes or Mov/animation
    b) you can render each scene in AE then import your scenes into PPro and put them together. If you wish to make everything in AE - better would be to make your scenes in AE, put them together in AE (make transitions) and then render. That way if during editing (making transitions betwen scenes)you will want to change something in one of the scenes you will have access to them and will not need to make another rendered version of that scene
    c) as for best settings for YT just chose from one of the YT pressets in AME

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    Hi imeilfx and thanks for your prompt reply.


    a)  I'm not sure where I can find ProRes, is this Mac exclusive? I'm on PC. And, by Mov/Animation, are you referring to Format: QuickTime & Video Codec: Animation?


    b) If I want to make transitions through AE, wouldn't opening multiple compositions that are 5-10 seconds long be too much for my PC to handle? The most I've edited on an AE Timeline is a 34 second clip with multiple comps... And previewing the scene took literally FOREVER, and that's with a pretty beefy computer. Could you explain this process to me? I think it'll be easy to make transitions for the first few scenes of my video but I don't know what I'll do the further I am in my video timeline.. I'm just not sure what to do at all in terms of workflow in creating AE transitions for all my scenes while not overloading my computer's capabilities.


    c) I heard people use Video Format: MP4 & Video codec: H.264. Wondering if this is a universal concept most YouTubers share.

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    a) yes on mov/animation. As for ProRes on PC you have to have newest (december release) version of AE/PPro/AME to have access to them. You will find them as a codec in mov format

    b) Most suitable soft for editing is PPro but if you are sure that you need to use some specific transitions avaliable only in AE do that there. As how everything depends on your workflow but 5 min clip should not be to hard for "beefy computer" Just heep each scene as a separate coposition/precomposition and for checking transitions just payback those 10-20-30 frames that your transition happen. You can also do the intermediate rendering as you suggested - there  is nothing wrong with that.
    c) yes h264 in mp4 wrapper is standard for YT as for specifics of bitrate and other settings as I said - just use any of YT pressets avaliable in Media Encoder.

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    Thank you brother, you've made my day.

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  • 01/04/19--14:04: AFTER EFFECTS EXPRESSIONS
  • Hello Dear AE users,

    Am looking for your help for scripting or expressions. I want to make a project for football league and in the project there will be the league table and i wanted to use expressions so that by fill all informations required the software will just arrange the teams from top to last without doing it manualy. Can someone please help me?



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    As Rick and Szalam say - there is no 'easy button' for things like this. To keyframe it manually takes know-how, time and an understanding of the principles of animation.

    One tip that might help is to draw your mask using Rotobezier curves - rather than conventional Bezier cuves with handles, and use the vertex tension control as you animate the points. Rotobezier will calculate the point (vertex) curvature automatically and will probably help you get a smoother curve and animation. Search the help for 'Rotobezier' to get started.


    Adobe After Effects Learn & Support


    Here's a quick and dirty example - to get the 'bounce' set a keyframe (kf) so your points overshoot the intended position, anther kf for the points undershooting the position and a final kf for the intended position- so the timeline looks something like this:


    Comp 1.gif


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    If you look at the banner at the top of this forum you'll see alink for "Subspaces". These are sub forums - including one for Scripting. You might want to post your question there.


    Having said that you'll need to be much more specific about what you want your script to do before anyone can really help. Do you want the script to arrange (vertically distrubute) different text layers between two Y position values - or something else?

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    Lexi@byerscreative  wrote


    The file will be spread across 5 screens.


    You'll want to ask the client what (s)he needs.  Multi-screen playback can be with one big files or with many smaller files.

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    On CC 2019 you can Right Click the Comp or PreComp > Markers > Update Markers from source.

    And that should do the trick



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    Delivery for this kind of thing is client specific but when I work at that resolution most clients want HAP files.

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    So sorry - I'm the wrong person to ask expression troubleshooting questions. I know just enough to get myself in trouble.


    However, I do remember a couple times I edited the wrong section of the expression. There's two sections that look similar and it's hard to see properly within AE. Be sure you're editing the final variable test ("if (n > 0)") and not the one previous to that ("if (n == 0)")


    Good luck!

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