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    Thank you OussK, but that is not exactly what I mean.


    I would like to import the picture just once to the master comp, and not to replace the footage (same picture) to 10 different pre-comps.


    Yours, Rami

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    Hey everyone!


    I have a shape layer with some contents, can i replace one of contents with my layer/texture?


    edit. or can i parent my layer to that content?


    (I am trying to create automated natural eye movements)

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  • 01/06/19--05:26: Re: Particles with synthesia
  • Hi,


    I'm trying to follow your guide but until now I couldn't get the result.


    Here my questions are :


    1) What layer do I have to draw a wide thin box? On the video layer or on a new shape layer? How exactly should this wide thin box be?


    2) How can I have in my main comp the Precomp 2? I have to paste and copy it into the main comp, right?


    3) How do I draw a tight mask around the keyboard only?


    Thank you.

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    Discussion successfully moved from Adobe Creative Cloud to After Effects


    You're saying you have problems with Premiere too, but I've looked into your problem description and scanned for keywords. I've seen more Ae related text than Pr related. If you feel Pr would also be appropriate, post a link there or ask a moderator to move to the Pr forum.

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    1. In FCP I loved the shortcut Shift+Z to fit the timeline to the window. I tried to find an equivalent in Ae here and from the internet without success: After Effects keyboard shortcuts reference. Is there a shortcut for this in Ae? If so, what's the name so I can search for it in the Keyboard settings in Ae since I might have changed the shortcut.


    2. Same question for moving the WHOLE layer to the playhead. I know the [ + ] but I want the layer to move so the keyframes follow.




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  • 01/06/19--06:11: Re: Help with animation
  • A combination of Particular and Form from Trapcode will do the trick but you will need to know your stuff.

    Its a bot of a learning curve but the results are pro level (if done correctly)



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    Moving the layer to the playhead position: "]" moves the out point to it and "[" moves the in point to it.


    If there's no keyboard shortcut (don't know, don't use it), Moving the little handles at the very top of the timeline works well to adjust how much you see.

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    No.  You'd have to use a shape layer as a track matte to approximate it, meaning you wouldn't have a stroke.  You could do it with a duplicate shape layer, however.


    And if you DON'T need the things a shape layer does, cripes, just mask a solid.

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    Am I correct in assuming this machine was built primarily for gaming, and Adobe applications were an afterthought?  It should have been the other way around.

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    imeilfx  wrote


    ...I can't still figure it out why AE natively don't give that kind of capabilities.


    Because, despite Adobe's constant threats to improve performance, the company's more interested in adding sparkly new features to attract new renters.  THAT's the priority.   Then Adobe has them hooked!  If you stop the rental payments, you lose access to the software.  So the rental money keeps flowing.


    The improvements to performance move at glacial speeds. 

    Hey, Adobe's a business -- it only cares about users if they affect its bottom line.  So far they haven't.

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    Don't count on Adobe to drop Simplified Chinese.  I have five whole American dollars that say there will be no change.

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    Don't use compressed audio.  Adobe may SAY AE can use it, but the fact is that compressed audio will work until it doesn't.

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    Sorry! I've done a lot of reading on forums, not any posting. I can post it over in the Premiere and AE forums.


    Dave, my brother and I share the system, and he was the one who had say over how the money was spent. I tried my best to steer him in the direction of parts that would fit both of our needs (and there is some overlap between the needs of a gaming and editing rig), but now I worry that going AMD was the wrong choice. I know it's not the ideal editing PC, but it's what I've got.

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    Just saw this got moved to the AE forums. Thanks. I'll also post over on Premiere

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    Thank you for the answer : )


    I found it on the internet and wanted to edit it, that is why i asked : )

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    I have tried multiple remedies suggested in these forums and others with no luck.  AE continues to crash in the same way every single time, without any information like error numbers and such.  All of my other Creative Cloud apps are working fine.  I've included a snapshot of these instances at the end of this message.


    Here are some of the remedies I've already tried:


    - Removed previous user preferences (all previous versions of AE)

    - Uninstalled and Re-installed several times

    - Deleting all relating AE folders and user information from system before re-installing

    - Installing older and newer versions, as well as updating

    - Updated graphics driver

    - Signed out of Creative Cloud on all other computers attached to my account


    I am at a complete loss here.  Any help is greatly appreciated. Below is my system info:


    Windows 10

    Intel Core i7-5930K.  3.50 GHz

    32.0 GB RAM

    64-bit OS, x64

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970



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    Hi, I was facing similar problem when using puppet tool on a shape layer created from illustrator file. After lot of work arounds, browsing online for solutions, lots of trial and errrors, i finally found that it doesn't correctly on shape tools, so a quick workaround :


    Precompose the shape or layer u want to use puppet tool on and u sre good to go!!

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    Thanks Dave,


    Sadly the "[" and "]" keys don't move the layer, they only extend/shorten the layer.


    The time I want to use the shortcut like shift+z is when I have zoomed in a lot with my shortcuts and want to zoom out again.

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    Hi ! I have a problem with AE to AME export.
    I did a first export that worked well, so I did "Render Comp. in AME" then rendered with my parameters.
    then I found a mistake on my video so I modified it in AE and then re-rendered it in AME. Problem: In AME it still render the same video as the 1st one...


    Can you please help me ?


    Thanks a Lot and Happy New Year !

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    Hi !

    I've created a clip on character animator in which my character is speaking solely, with no background on other puppet.

    My plan was to take it to After effects and add any background behind it.

    but, for some reason, it seems like my puppet has a black background that block any other background layer I wish to put under it on Ae.


    Is there something to do here ?Why black.png

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