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    Hallo zusammen,


    Ich schaffe es einfach nicht, eine Ebene animiert zu spiegeln. Die Action "Vertikal spiegeln" wird übernommen aber die Animation nicht. Heisst es spiegelt jeweils nur das Element, jedoch nicht in einer Animation. Hat jemand einen Tipp an was es liegen könnte?


    Danke im Voraus,


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    Ich spiegele immer über die Skalierung. Je nach Achse also [-100,100], oder [100,-100].


    Den Punkt mit der Animation verstehe ich nicht. Willst Du, dass sich etwas von nicht-gespiegelt zu gespiegelt animiert (aka "um die eigene Achse drehen")?

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    Super vielen Dank. Ich habs geschafft. Nun hänge ich aber am nächsten Punkt. Ich möchte es wieder zurück spiegeln (4 Flächen, 4 Animationen). Wie kann ich nun ein neues Keyframe setzen? Hab es nicht gefunden. Wenn ich versuche via "stophuhr" eine neue Animation zu machen, löscht es mir immer die vorherigen Keyframes.

    Hast du einen Tipp?Bildschirmfoto 2019-01-07 um 15.00.27.pngBildschirmfoto 2019-01-07 um 15.17.04.png

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    Nicht böse gemeint, aber wenn's am Keyframe-setzen scheitert, dann fang am Besten mit Basis-Tutorials an.

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    leider muss ich dir recht geben - habs aber rausbekommen:-)

    danke anyway.

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    so I have recently upgraded the PC so I would be able to turn everything up to 11 but I have not found a tutorial to shows how to use the best PC at the best settings.

    You likely have wasted your money for nothing.

    Is there a way to make this go faster!

    No, there isn't. Bugs notwithstanding, a lot of things in AE run single-threaded and require linear progression, hence they'll just slowly chugg along on one core and that's what you're seeing. Nothing to do. No magic switches, no ritual dances, no rewiring hardware.



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  • 01/07/19--07:11: Re: R+B+G=White. R+B+R=... ?
  • am I wrong in my "math?" [R+G+R=O?])

    Yes, you are. AE uses computer math, not scientific spectral simulation. You are not changing any wavelengths here like you would with a gel in the real world, you're just adding up basic numbers. In the computer, red can't be redder than red in a manner of speaking, it can only be represented in different value ranges, yet for mathematical reasons they have to be defined within certain limits, hence the color math never works any different even with HDR and float processing plus quite generally outputs are normalized to be represented in a devices gamut and technical capabilities, or for that matter actual value ranges that the human eye can even perceive. there is no genuine light interaction. I would suggest you investigate those basics more thoroughly before taking flights of fancy with tutorials.



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    Without any details about the contents of your composition nobody can tell you much, but judging from the preview thumbnail there#s a lot of 3D stuff involved which simply takes time to render, no matter how much you optimize it. Your render times could be perfectly normal, especially on such a weak processor.



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    Is there anything  stopping you from just exporting an audio file to be used in conjunction with the MOGRT? 

    The inconvenience of having to deal with two files of identical length, perhaps?

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    Hello Pretended, where can I find Render settings in AE 2018?

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    Sorry I have not been back on the forums to reply. Renaming the files to .mp4 is the current workaround to solve the slow save times. Now i have to deal with this new CC version breaking Encore and we can't author blurays on any of our machines anymore, ugh...

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    The next time it preferably exports to a codec that is not very compressed, such as an Animation codec. If you export it to H.264 you will make your processor not only export your composition, which is obviously quite complex by what I see, but also must be compressing. In any case, 24 hours of export time is not outside the render time parameter exportant complex compositions.

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    Who is "you" in this instance? Me? Are you able to reproduce this?

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    Dave, RG works for me on both a laptop and a desktop. Sure, the fans spin and the room heats up but there is no noticeable decrease in the functionality of AE while it's running because it is using all of the cores that sit idle. Until Adobe completely rewrites the processing routine so After Effects can look at more than one frame at a time it's the best option. I have tried all the rest and RG is a time saver that paid for its self on the first job and continues to save me many hours every week.


    I'm still all over Adobe in the background pushing for more efficiency. The OP wanted help with multiprocessing and efficiency. Imeil also wanted suggestions on Multi Machine rendering. Multi-Machine rendering really only works when you render image sequences, so I didn't address the multi-machine question. RG will almost invisibly wake up unused cores and cut render time by about 50% on almost any machine. There's a free 7-day trial so what's the point of slamming a suggestion to try a product and giving my endorsement of a workaround for an Adobe shortcoming. I post workarounds using 3rd party software from everywhere else all the time. Just because I didn't join the slam Adobe for AE's underutilized processor poser chorus I'm not a bad guy.

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    I have a Swedish keyboard and to get the [ + ] to show I already hold down the alt key cause I don't have them. I found the shortcut under "set layer in point at current time" and "set layer out point at current time" and entered a custom shortcut. You were totally right Dave! Thanks for the correction Tomas.


    Roland, omg, this is the shortcut I have been trying to figure out for ages. The shortcut did not work but searching for the name and changing it works great. So happy!


    All the best


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    I mentioned multimachine and multicore rendering in one sentence because technically it is the same thing/scheme/workflow. To use multi station rendering you have to use image sequence and for multithreding also - that is the only way for now with AE to render multiple frames at once.

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    Long render times are often easy to predict. It would take me about a half hour to design a thirty-second comp that would take a couple of days to render. If you are working on something that you know is going to use up a lot of resources consider implementing some workflow rules. Here are some suggestions:


    Rule 1 - If you render looks like it is going to take a long time use the Render Cue and any of the Image Sequence Presets. Image sequences are much easier to fix if you have a rendering failure.


    Rule 2 - Set a maximum render-time per frame limit (mine is 7 minutes) and if something is taking longer than that, redesign the project. I do this all the time on complex composites by knocking down motion samples, pre-rendering some elements, and watching out for particle systems that overwhelm the system.


    Rule 3 - Consider a 3rd party helper like Render Garden or multi-machine rendering for complex projects.


    I use Rule 1 on any project that has a chance to break a render because successfully rendered frames in an image sequence can be skipped when you have to start again so no rendering time is wasted. Rule 2 is set to control my OCD when it comes to making perfect composites and motion graphics. I don't real-time preview hardly anything at full rez, I try to figure out the most efficient way to work around complex problems, and I pre-render temporal effects all the time to speed things up. I also watch out for inefficient codecs in source footage. You can double or triple your render time easily if the source footage is an unsuitable compressed interframe format. For about 80% of my comps, I use Rule 3 so I can keep working in AE while the machine is rendering. Nobody pays for render time anymore so I don't sit around and wait for things to render. They render in the background whenever possible and I keep creating.


    I hope these suggestions help. As the others have said, unless we understand your workflow it's pretty hard to give you any meaningful suggestions that will solve the problem.

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    Image result for but it goes to 11 gif

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  • 01/07/19--09:21: Re: Particles with synthesia
  • I have the exact same problem with the cut bars, but to fix your particles not showing you have to set your Particles/sec to something like 100000. For me, it somewhat works but I have particles coming from throughout the entire keyboard area in addition to a few clusters of particles where the incoming notes are. Here are my screenshots:




    If someone can find out what I'm doing wrong I'd highly appreciate it!

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  • 01/07/19--09:23: Re: R+B+G=White. R+B+R=... ?
  • Add mode adds values but it is weighted on the high side.

    Screen adds values, but it is also weighted on the high side, just not as high as add

    The blending modes work differently at different bit depths. "Screen" acts more like real light in 32 Bit than it does in 8 Bit.


    The problem with trying to blend pure fully saturated colors is that there is nowhere to go that you can see on a standard 8-bit display. 256 can't get higher than 256 so if you want to get something other than full white [256, 256, 256] you are going to have to subtract at least one of the values from the other two.


    There is a fair amount of good information on blending modes on the net. As Mylenium said, you have to do some more research before you start writing your tutorial.

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