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    Show us with a screen capture all your interface of your Ae to try to see if there is something strange.

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    I just want to know how layers can be connected to an animated layer, with the said layers following the animated layer like a dangling rope on a boat.  The boat's animated, but the rope follows.

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    And why do not you simply duplicate the same layer, apply a Split Layer will eliminate previous instance and that duplicate Layer you will add the instance B. Select the 2 Layers and do a Pre-compose, so you will have a Layer if it is what you want to have.

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    It says RGB mode?


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  • 01/08/19--18:58: Re: Particles with synthesia
  • I managed to get everything working with a few steps modified. I've included a video for those who still have issues:

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  • 01/08/19--19:37: Re: Particles with synthesia
  • Thanks dlui862, great job!

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    Thanks for the workaround!


    Fun fact: you CAN run two or more instances of element if, say, you need more than the five alotted groups in one instance, or for whatever reason you want to keep certain elements separated. In this case you stack the effects, set all but the last one to “unified” in the render settings. Then they all take on the render settings of your last instance and respect the 3D space. In my case I built a cityscape in one instance, and animated some drone models in the other instance weaving through the buildings. Discovering this changed my life

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    Great tip - I did not know that!  We both learned something today, thanks!  :-)

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    This is incredibly frustrating. People in this thread so far have different hardware (Windows and Macintosh) and different file formats and footage quality, which means the bug is a lot more common than it should be.


    I tried downgrading all the way to CC 2017 and installing the standalone SkyBox version of the VR Comp Editor (one of the YouTube tutorials has the "super-secret" download link on Adobe servers, which saves time dealing with e-mail support). In both CC 2018 and CC 2017, I could not stabilize the file, which I had miraculously stabilized in CC 2019 (happened only once). The earlier AE/SkyBox versions fail at the Solving Camera stage regardless of the resolution I use. They either outright fail with the appropriate message or the entire application hangs up after 10 minutes of analysis on a 20-second video. A clean install of CC 2019 still brings the "unable to acquire rendered frame" error.


    RameezKhan, can you please ask someone from the VR tools team to join the discussion?

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    By editing videos I mean adding simple scale,rotation, and position keyframes to either pictures or videos (it crashes with both). I use sapphire and twitch (plug-ins) for effects but even without the use of them, my recent version(s) of AE crashes. I’ve been using AE since June 2018 and the problem started occurring 2 months after. I havent updated my OS (I run Windows 10). I also haven’t made any changes to the hardware on my computer. I have noticed that my AE doesn’t crash with older versions like CC2017 or CS6. My guess is that it’s a bug on Adobe‘s behalf.

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    a lot of my old QT movs that i generated in AE have

    mcdb after the .mov extension.

    None of these movs can be played on my newer computer

    with newer quicktime.

    Can anyone explain what mcdb means?

    Is there any way to salvage these old movs?


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    Yeah -- download CC 2017.  2018 killed off a boatload of QT codecs.

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    I can't really offer anything other than saying how important it is to start looking at the footage when you are having tracking problems. If the footage contains enough fixed geometry to track and you are getting failures then look at the detail level, contrast, check for reflections and see what can be done to mitigate those problems. If you are still having problems and the footage compressed then think about rendering a visually lossless copy using a standard production format. No matter what kind of tracking you are doing it's important to remember that not all shots can be tracked, camera tracked or stabilized. If you are planning on tracking you owe it to yourself to run a few tests before you get into production and then carefully plan and execute your shots.


    As others have said, there also seem to be a lot of system and version inconsistencies. I actually kind of expect that because VR footage is far from standardized and a very small segment of the post-production world. I always keep at least 3 versions of my compositing software on my production machines so I have some easy options to try if things are not working as expected.

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    Rick Gerard, thank you for the great idea! You mentioned the completely irrelevant limitations of the camera tracker for 2D shots (geometry, composition, etc.), which gave me the idea of how we all can standardize our troubleshooting. The official Adobe tutorial for this tool has sample footage. In the tutorial, it stabilizes nicely as expected. When I tried to run it on my machine, the analysis failed.


    If anyone wants to contribute to troubleshooting and testing this issue, head over here: Stabilize and track 360/VR footage with VR Comp Editor and download the sample files in the "What You'll Need" section right above the video. Follow the tutorial and post your results here.


    P.S. Rick, "stabilization" for 360 video means that the image "sphere" is rotated to maintain the horizon at a constant level. This can be done manually with GoPro VR Horizon plugin and many-many keyframes but VR Composition Editor is supposed to make that a lot easier.

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    Same here - using the previous version.

    You can always contact a support rep from Adobe to try and fix it through screen sharing. But I doubt it will work out, at least it didn't with me - they tried quite a lot of stuff but nothing could get it to work.

    Funny thing - I saw same problem being reported multiple times as far back as 2016 and yet it keeps happening.

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    Have you used the third-party plug-ins? You check the version of them if you use them.

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    There can be several reasons:
    a) you have older version of AE/PPro - check if you have newest december 2018 versions of those
    b) check if you have newest GPU drivers
    c) turn off GPU acceleration: Resolution for an issue where green, purple, or pink haze appears in the Source or Program monitors, or the exported fil…

    d) convert your mp4 (or wathever you have) to some goof intermediate codec (Animation, ProRes, Cinfeform etc.) befor import to AE

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    As for:
    1. There can be many reasons of that so to diagnose that i would recomend to you to export your composition to image sequence. That way when AE will crash you will be able to check on which frame error occured. Then when you know where issue is located you have to diagnose your composition, what effects/pugins do you use, what images/video fotage etc. Knowing that you can start to eliminate one by one things to fiure out what exactly is causing crashes.
    It can be some conflict in plugin, corrupted footage, faulty hardware etc.
    2. Try to turn of your firewall or check in your firewall settings if Adobe software is not blocked from accesing web.

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    The solution "c)" in most cases resolve:


    File > Project Settings > General > Video Rendering and Playback > Mercury Playback Engine Software Only

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    Already read this help? Improve performance in After Effects

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