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    ok Roland!

    In this case, I have to export a huge .MOV and encode to H264 in AME.

    Would be nice if the fade worked.
    but thanks for your time! cheers

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    Thank you!

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    I just updated to Premiere Pro 13.0.2 & After Effects 16.0.1 yesterday. Since then I've started getting red outlines on any ProRes 4444 +Alpha videos, even ones that were created a couple years ago and just re-used on new videos, Premiere is now not interpreting them correctly, and if I try to re-export them from AE 16.0.1, they have the red outline as well. I've attached before & after images to help explain. The Before was from a video exported just last week. Adobe2019 AlphaMatte BEFORE&AFTER.jpg

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    I'd prefer to call matters, "work in progress" and this is what it is. ;-)


    Color fidelity has been broken since the days of Creative Suite. No "progress" since then. Glaciation moves faster.


    Some parts of the UI are accurate, some of the time, on some computers. There is no way to predict or to identify whether a swatch chip is wrong or not, but the software is sending numerical data to the display driver so in the examples I posted above, it absolutely knows that the colors under the eyedropper and in the palette area are different. It would be trivial for programmers to indicate there's a mismatch (e.g. with an alert icon as Photoshop does for 'non-web' colors, or even by blocking the eyedropper from taking the sample) but they just don't care. AE's help documentation on color management is as useful as a Dan Brown novel put through Google Translate by a drunken baboon.


    The competition takes a very well-understood approach by not bothering to play with any color management in the UI. It gives everyone predictable results for eyedroppers etc. but to see an accurate preview of your footage you have to run it through a hardware output card to a calibrated reference monitor.

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  • 01/10/19--12:29: Re: System requirements !
  • como puedo cambiar el idioma al AE de español a ingles

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    You should look at a piece of software called Render Garden.  It allows AE to use multiple cores for rendering.

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    Here are my PC Specs anyway :3
    I have my Lenovo Y510P
    GPU 1 : NVIDIA Geforce GT 750M

    GPU 2 : NVIDIA Geforce GT 750M
    Memory : 16GB RAM

    CPU : Intel Core i7 - 4700MQ

    is there anything i should add more about my laptop, also thanks for the first correct answer :3

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    If I were to go about it, unfortunately I would rebuild the logo inside AE-

    I would animate the growing and shrinking ( i assume thats whats going on) of each type of dot. Then arrange them into the drop shape ( i would use the AI file as a template) and then offset the keyframes to create the ripple effect.


    Thats just me im sure theres 100 other ways to do this

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  • 01/10/19--13:36: Re: tracking, overlays ?
  • This is a good example of 3D elements and motion tracking. I suspect that some motion capture was used for some of the 3D elements ( the bending arms, etc)


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  • 01/10/19--13:52: Disk Cache & Separate Drives
  • "For improved performance, choose a disk cache folder on a fast hard drive or SSD separate from your footage, and allocate as much space as possible."




    I'm currently running a RAID 0 with 2, Samsung 970 PRO M.2 drives (full desc. below). Now I'm a bit worried that my workstation is not optimal for After Effects, considering all my video files, my OS + AE application + Disk Cache are all going to this one drive (since RAID 0 combines both of my M.2 into one drive making it a lot faster, but less stable). Also running 64GB DDR4 RAM @ 3400 MHz.


    (SAMSUNG 970 PRO M.2 2280 512GB PCIe Gen3. X4, NVMe 1.3 64L V-NAND 2-bit MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) MZ-V7P512BW)


    Here's a comment by 2 different individuals regarding this:


    The rules are different with SSD drives versus mechanical HDD's. SSD drives have a latency in microseconds where as mechanical drives have a latency in milliseconds. This means SSD drives can read and write far more files in a given time segment than mechanical drives. If you have an SSD then cache and media files can go there without issue. You can also include cache files easily with an OS drive on an SSD. Mechanical drives are where the separate drive philosophy really developed from. Although you can run media and cache from the same drive provided the drives and interface ie e-sata, USB3 or TB are fast enough. Firewire and USb2 would not be


    Tech Manager



    You don't want the same drive/bus being used for varying read and write operations at the same time. That is a useful principle. But having cache files on the same drive as the OS and applications is in alignment with that principle; the OS is mostly read from the disk at boot, the applications are mostly read from the disk at application start, and the cache files are read and written during program run time. There is very little overlap. What you do _not_ want to do is have cache files on the same disk/bus as footage files or exported files, since those assets are being used at the same time.


    Todd Kopriva, Adobe Systems Incorporated 

    After Effects quality engineering



    This comment however was back in 2013. I'm currently running a high end M.2 SSD that reads at 3550MB/s and writes at 3450MB/s which is incredibly fast.


    How much performance am I losing by having a setup where I'm running everyone on 1, RAID 0 drive using 2 M.2 SSD's? I also have a NAS HDD in order to store/archive all of my completed videos, etcetcra.


    Thank you.

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  • 01/10/19--14:34: Re: tracking, overlays ?
  • Scooter is correct. This is tracking. I'd recommend starting here with a tutorial on Mocha AE, a tool bundeled with After Effects. 

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    I have two audio Layers forming a short video.

    Layer 1 = name

    Layer 2 = voiceover


    I am using ExtendScript to replace Layer 1 .wav files with a variety of people's first names.

    "Christopher" and "Elizabeth" are the longest.

    "Tim" and "Jo" are the shortest.


    Layer 2's audio comes immediately after hearing the first name. A gap of silence sounds weird.

    [name.wav] [voiceover.wav]

    "Christopher" "is coming to the show."

    "Jo.............." "is coming to the show."


    One option would be to go edit all my first name .wav files to be the same duration, and slide the .wav to the right side of each clip.

    Alas, the audio has already been produced and they're all trimmed for silence. So...


    How can I slide Layer 1 to the right so its outPoint butts up against Layer 2's inPoint using ExtendScript?

    Note: this is a simplified explanation... the layers are actually precomped with animated visuals, so I'm not technically moving audio layers... but the precomps containing the audio.

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    Can you be specific with the difficulty you are having? This doesn't look too difficult.

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    Ever solve this issue, nilleg57851248? Let us know.




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    Just double-checking - I assume you tested with the same variables on both machines?

    Addtionally, may I know which effect you are using to eye-drop to the Color Theme?

    If you look at my screengrab, you'll notice that I used Generate>Fill.

    And you're most welcome.

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    You're most welcome. I should add that I left out Rotation - this should be set to 0; it's default value.

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    You'll get more traction at the dedicated AE Scripting Forum - After Effects Scripting

    Good Luck.

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  • 01/10/19--18:34: Shape Layers Problem



    Hi, I am currently Experiencing some glitch I think with Shape Layers. Creating multiple shape layer will cause it. The shape layer seems like tied to each other. When you move the first one seems affects the visibility and if you move the second layer it will move together with other Shape Layer. Thank you for your response.

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    I'm making a video of a time lapse of me placing squares one by one, tracing the photo behind it (pictures below). What i want to do is track and block out the picture im tracing in the background, and replace it with just white. I just need to know if AE motion tracking can handle tracking the background image and blocking only that precisely while still allowing you to see the little squares and the mouse placing them?










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  • 01/10/19--18:56: Re: Shape Layers Problem
  • Welcome to the club - had this issue a shortwhile ago. :-)
    It's an issue tied to corrupt Pref files - trash prefs and all should be OK. Unfortunately, I'm not certain what caused the issue - at least there's a solution.

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