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    I'm having difficulty understanding what you want to do.  It'd be helpful if you could explain more thoroughly what material you have, and what you want to achieve.


    Your image looks like a composite of many other elements/images.   Do you have access to all those individual elements?  Or is the artwork flattened? IS it stills, or video footage?  What do you want to cover with white - all the background elements except the human head?  Other things as well?  What makes you think tracking will be necessary?

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  • 01/10/19--20:03: Re: Shape Layers Problem
  • Hi. I don't get what is Pref Files. Is it the Disk Cache?

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    The background is indeed many photos, but you can look at it as one big solid photo, or flattend, in the back of the squares (since again, this will be a time lapse video of me placing the squares over the photo/photos in the background)  i want the background photo/squarless part to be whitened out, so it looks like im just placing the squares blind. The squares eventually cover everything in the back (the photos) not just specific things like oa head etc...I dont know how else to describe it.

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    I am interested in taking some footage and distorting the shape of it similar to examples I've seen using FXFactory Bezier distort.  I'm envisioning being able to move the corner pins around and using bezier handles on each point to curve the edges. Here is a rough example below. Is there anyway to do something like this natively in After Effects? I am looking to warp/distort the footage (not mask and feather as seen in the top and bottom of this example).  Any suggestions are appreciated.maxresdefault.jpg

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    But when you say "this will be a time lapse video of me placing the squares over the photo/photos in the background", is this footage on a keyable colour so you can seperate yourself from the background using a chromakey effect?  Have you already shot this footage?


    How is the tiled/squares effect achieved?  Have you manually built this in Photoshop or Illustrator, for example?  Are all of the squares on independent layers that you can turn on or off?


    What do you want the final result to be?  A time lapse video of your body manually placing tiny squares onto a white background to form the final art, is that correct?


    I can't work out why you think you need to use motion tracking.  If all the above questions are answered "yes", it should be a matter of keying yourself onto a white background, placing the tiled artwork (precomposed) between yourself and the white background, then animating the tiles/squares on one by one, matching your own performance/movement in the footage to reveal the tiles at appropriate times.  A bit time consuming but very straightforward.


    Unless I'm missing something.

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  • 01/10/19--21:46: Re: Shape Layers Problem
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    AE has Bezier Warp - look in Effecfs>Distort. For the feathering effect, look at AE's per vertex mask feather feature.

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    So I have a character all rigged and ready to go, but before I start animating, I want to figure out a way to set him aside so I can use him for multiple scenes without having to go through the rigging process each time.




    The only way I can think of doing this is by importing the current AE scene to a new project, and then manually duplicating my character composition as well as my many nested compositions. This becomes entirely too complicated. For example, I have composition "arm" as well as controllers for each puppet pin on arm. I cannot easily duplicate "arm" without replacing the controllers, basically re-rigging.




    So what I'm really looking to do is to import not just a REFERENCE to the composition, but the entire composition itself to each new composition/project I create, independent of the original.

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  • 01/10/19--23:26: Re: tracking, overlays ?
  • How they did effect on the shirt effect.

    Help me please with tutorial.

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    Hey Bryan.

    Given the scenario where composition is an active composition that contains at least 2 layers, the following script would move first layers outPoint to line up with second layers inPoint:


    var name = composition.layer(1); // Name
    var voiceOver = composition.layer(2); // Voiceover
    var nameDuration = name.outPoint - name.inPoint;
    name.startTime = voiceOver.startTime - layer1Duration;

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    Ok so I think I know what you are asking about - if not let me know.

    So to do what you need - that mean to use some composition (with all nested compositions and scripting) of rigged character om other scenes/comps of the same project:


    - just use script called True Comp Duplicator - it makes exact duplicate of composition with everything in it - i'm using it from the begining (2012) and I can't imagine working in AE without


    To use your character in other projects just clear out your main comp leaving only your character in it - using File>dependancies (example: After Effects Hidden Gems Weekly: Cleaning Up Projects on Vimeo ) then save your project and jus import that project to your other projects - that way your original comp/character will stay intact.

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    I'm having an issue creating 360 environments in Ae, using 3D plugins (both Element3D and Stardust).

    In the output file an outline of a cube is visible on both the top and bottom of the 360 view, like the stitch from the cube-map perhaps?

    In previous attempts it also flickers on and off during the video playback.


    In Element 3D it seems less visible when AO is turned off:

    Living Room_No AO.jpg

    With AO turned on it's as if it generates AO for the corners of the cube map?

    Living Room_Test.jpg

    In Stardust it also seems like it's only visible when Shadow/AO data crosses into the bottom cube of the 360 layout:

    Bounce VR Test_1.jpg


    Has anyone else experienced the same problems?






    My System (with latest version of AE installed):

    Screenshot 2019-01-11 at 11.59.52.png

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    I'm having trouble with AE CC 2019 16.0.1. It keeps shutting down after I worked for some while. It seems to happend randomly. It just shuts down without any error messages.


    Windows 10


    I'm doing some animation on ALOT of layers. I'm using an expression on about 2200 layers (small dots that shrink and grow) which scales each layer depending on a source layer which is called "1_Control_Layer" here.


    x = clamp(100*(comp("1_Dots_Main").layer("1_Control Layer").sampleImage(transform.position, [.5,.5]/2, true, time)[0]),comp("1_Master Control").layer("Master Control").effect("Min Scale")("Slider"),comp("1_Master Control").layer("Master Control").effect("Max Scale")("Slider"));

    outScale = x * comp("1_Master Control").layer("Master Control").effect("Force Scale")("Slider") / 100;



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    I have recently started working on After Effects (just two days ago!) I am now familiar with the basics and I was trying to recreate a video for practice.

    Here is the link to the video: Your Morning Fix: Upper caste quota bill is cleared by Parliament. Here are five key takeaways. - YouTube


    After the intro graphics, the number 1 pops up on screen with text, then the number moves to the side. Another scene comes up with more of the 'smooth reveal' style showing pictures, numbers, etc.


    I animated the number popping up by using track matte as I had learned in some tutorials. But when I tried to create the next step of the number shrinking and moving to the corner of the screen, the number was not visible because of the track matte I had used. To get around this, I precomposed the first number and shape, then created the same number in the same size again, animated that to shrink and slide to the corner.


    Is there an easier way to do this?


    Also, now I want to add text in the same slide reveal form. Do I again have to precompose to go to the next stage?


    I am sorry if the question is unclear! I don't know how else to explain it. Please help!

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    How can i Render Faster In After Effects Using GPU? I am Using Nvidia GTX 1050Ti Graphic Card.

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    Moving from The Lounge to After Effects

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  • 01/11/19--04:20: Stacked Fractions
  • my friend and i are trying to start an educational math channel, which explains math in Arabic via animation, But we're having problems writing a stacked fraction (where the numerator and the denominator are in different lines, separated by a horizontal line) I could write it by hand, but it's not efficient to repeat this process over and over.


    I tried to use my little knowledge of coding to write a script that does it for me, but I'm facing a couple of problems, I couldn't fix them, i need help, either with the script or if you could guide me to an existent tool that would be great..


    var mainWindow = new Window ("palette", "Fractions", undefined);
    var numeratorGroup = mainWindow.add("group");        numeratorGroup.add ("statictext", undefined, "Numerator:");        var myNumerator = numeratorGroup.add ("edittext", undefined, "1");        myNumerator.characters = 45;
    var denominatorGroup = mainWindow.add("group");        denominatorGroup.add ("statictext", undefined, "Denominator:");        var myDenominator = denominatorGroup.add ("edittext", undefined, "2");        myDenominator.characters = 45;        
     var buttonGroup = mainWindow.add("group");
     var startButton = buttonGroup.add ("button", undefined, "Write me a fraction");
     var cancelButton = buttonGroup.add ("button", undefined, "Cancel");
     startButton.onClick = function(){        app.beginUndoGroup("Fractions");        mainFunc();        app.endUndoGroup("Fractions");     }
     cancelButton.onClick = function(){    mainWindow.close()};
    function mainFunc(){
            var mainComp = app.project.activeItem;        var numerator = mainComp.layers.addText(myNumerator.text);        var denominator = mainComp.layers.addText(myDenominator.text);        centerAnchorPoint(numerator);          centerAnchorPoint(denominator);          var lineWidth = mainComp.layer(1).sourceRectAtTime(mainComp.time, true).width;        var line =mainComp.layers.addShape();        var contents ="ADBE Root Vectors Group");        var shapeRect = contents.addProperty("ADBE Vector Shape - Rect");         var shapeFill = contents.addProperty("ADBE Vector Graphic - Fill");        shapeRect ="ADBE Vector Shape - Rect");         var rectSize ="ADBE Vector Rect Size");        var rectPosition ="ADBE Vector Rect Position");        var rectRoundness ="ADBE Vector Rect Roundness");        rectSize.expression = "x = Math.max(thisComp.layer(2).sourceRectAtTime().width,thisComp.layer(3).sourceRectAtTime().width);  [x, 10]";        rectColor = [1,1,1];        rectRoundness.setValue(0);        numerator.position.expression = "posX = Math.max(transform.position[0],thisComp.layer(2).transform.position[0]);posY = transform.position[1] - 64; [posX, posY]";        line.position.expression ="x1 = Math.abs(thisComp.layer(3).transform.position[0]-thisComp.layer(2).transform.position[0]); y1 = Math.abs(thisComp.layer(3).transform.position[1]-thisComp.layer(2).transform.position[1]);posX = Math.max(thisComp.layer(3).transform.position[0], thisComp.layer(2).transform.position[0]) + x1;posY = Math.min(thisComp.layer(3).transform.position[1], thisComp.layer(2).transform.position[1])+ y1/2;[posX, posY]";        denominator.position.expression = "posX = Math.max(transform.position[0],thisComp.layer(3).transform.position[0]);posY = transform.position[1] + 64; [posX, posY]";            mainWindow.close();        }


    the code works okay, until i need to add another layer then every thing goes crazy + is there a way to group these objects together without precomposing them? 


    *the centerAnchorPoint function is not mine, i took it from a web search

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    Thanks imelfix for those videos...that is a great link!

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    Thanks so much for the detailed reply Rick and others here..very much appreciated! The main thing I wasn't sure on was that hand drawn circle/oval..and reveal. (In Premiere I can animate the arrow with a transition) I've mainly used Premiere Pro for many years...but have only dipped my toes into After Effects every now and again as required. Thanks so much for all that info....and for taking so much time to reply. Can see it would be worth me investing a lot more time into After Effects. Thank you so much for all the suggestions...that gives a lot of clarity. Thank you!

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    Thanks for letting us know what worked, shokaloc!

    Does it happen in all your projects?




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