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    Hi everyone,

    I'm working on a video for work that will end with a bunch of buzzwords flying in away from the camera to land in the shape of our company's logo similar to this: After Effects : Words Logo Animation - YouTube . I found a tutorial on this but it used Trapcode plugins and I'm not sure if I can get access to that. Any ideas?

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    Thanks for the response, no I've just checked and all my drivers are up to date. It even runs super well in premiere pro both CPU and GPU settings. I've already tried switching to CPU and it still doesn't work.



    My specs:

    GeForce GTX 1050

    Driver version 417.35
    Intel Core i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz (4.1GHz higher) - 6 Cores
    16GB RAM

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    Thanks. In the end an image background was used at his request (though I don't think he was that satisfied and would likely have preferred being able to automatically place over any web background). Though your suggestion is useful for in future. I don't have Adobe Animate currently and cost is an issue.


    I do think it could probably be vectorized. A problem is A) the complexity of the facial animation (it might have been done in something like Crazytalk with a sort of 3d face talking - probably a 2d cartoon type image placed over the program's 3D model face/mouth) and the fact that there are thousands of colours used. eg. an Inkscape tracing with many scans (due to the many colours) couldn't get it looking quite the same but might have been acceptable. I think a simplified version of the character animation could probably be done in Adobe Animate and that might have been acceptable since that should have allowed it to be placed over any background on the web. I just wish it would be cheaper though.

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    UPDATE: Problem Solved


    The reason why it wasn't working was because my Disk was full on where I installed the app. So my advice to those with a smaller Windows drive is to install your applications somewhere with a lot of space for it to run. 5GB of space left or less just won't do it as it would seem.

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    Great you find the solution and thanks for let us know about it so may we can help other users.

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    Work backwards.  Start with the words in the shape of the logo 2. Adobe Illustrator - Morph Text into an Object - YouTube

    set keyframes, then move the time indicator back in time and move all the words forward past the camera and set another keyframe.

    then use this script Rift - aescripts + aeplugins -  to offset alll the keyframes.  The suggested price for the script is $30 but it's name your own price so you pay what you want, or pay nothing at all.

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    Thank you so much! I will try out the instructions you have given!

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    It's really annoying when a person asks for specific help on a specific situation, and people reply with answers that have absolutely nothing to do with the OP's question.

    I laid out my situation, I said what the problem was, and I specified what I wanted to know.

    Not only was your reply not relevant, but it was also extremely patronising and insulting, with talk of getting skills from a Cracker Jack box and farting around spelunking blindfolded.


    I *DO* know about color correction, for images. I have been using Photoshop for the past 23 years. I know how they work, and I know how to work them. The same principles apply to moving images, but obviously take more time, and it's time that I did not have for this particular project.


    When I say "self-taught", perhaps I didn't elaborate enough, but that's because this wasn't really the point. Yes, I have gone through many general tutorials. Yes, I have watched specific YouTube videos when I have encountered a specific problem.


    For example -- did you know that you can split a move clip at the point of the cut(s)?  I think not.  Highlight the clip and place the timeline cursor (Officially called the CTI -- Current Time Indicator) at the point of the cut, and use the CMD-d (mac) or CTL-d (win) keyboard shortcut to do the split.


    Actually, your thinking is not correct. I did know that, and that *is* exactly what I have been doing to trim my clips. The point here though that I was trying to explain is that this trimmed clip is *not* 100% completely removed from the footage that went before / after it, in that you *can* still drag the ends of that isolated trimmed clip back out again to reveal the previously-removed footage. So it is *not* permanently removed, it is just hidden and you can get it back.


    I chose to work with After Effects rather than Premiere because for most of the simple videos I have been working on before now, it was the right tool for the job.

    I will learn Premiere when the time comes for me to learn it. Learning a whole new application right now for this one job is not a good use of time.


    For the job I am working on right now, I *AM* happy to use auto-corrections. For other jobs, I will apply corrections manually and tweak them.

    So if you have an answer that helps me with my specific problem here, then please do reply. Otherwise, don't.

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    Hi Tim. Sory about my English. It is not enough to describe this situation. So I decided to make a screen record.


    After Effects 2019 Bileteral Blur bug - YouTube

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    If you just need to get the job done, rather than the learning process of doing it yourself, you can buy that template ($20) and many similar here:


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    First thing I'd do is eliminate all the peripheral devices and work on a project with all components on the internal SSD, just to eliminate external issues.


    Sadly, there are a lot of reports of dissatisfied AE users and iMac Pro.  None of the Adobe-centric facilities I work in are using them. They currently use fully specced iMacs (not Pro) or the little garbage can Mac Pros.


    Did you purchase directly from Apple?  They offer a 14 day no questions asked return policy, so consider your options quickly.

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    Did you manage to find a solution?


    I have the same issue with my GTX 1080 Ti graphics card. It tells me I'm out of mapped memory...and that I should try updating the CUDA driver.@

    Capture 3.PNG


    I do have it set-up, but it doesn't seem to be working.

    Capture 2.PNG


    What's going on? Does anyone know?

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    Same problem here since last year. Couldn’t find any solution.

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  • 01/14/19--04:10: blue violet video screed
  • error when I upload videos into after effects

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  • 01/14/19--04:23: Re: blue violet video screed
  • There can be several reasons:
    a) you have older version of AE/PPro - check if you have newest december 2018 versions of those
    b) check if you have newest GPU drivers
    c) turn off GPU acceleration: Resolution for an issue where green, purple, or pink haze appears in the Source or Program monitors, or the exported fil…

    d) convert your mp4 (or wathever you have) to some goof intermediate codec (Animation, ProRes, Cinfeform etc.) befor import to AE

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  • 01/14/19--06:40: Re: media encoder
  • Can you please give more detail? MP4 is a highly compressed format, and there are a lot of settings you can control to increase the quality of a file. This isn't an AE or AME issue, it's just a matter of compression.


    For starters, what is the frame size and frame rate of your After Effects comp?

    Is there a lot of fast motion in it?

    What settings are you using to make your MP4?


    The Adaptive High Bit Rate preset is a good place to start, but please post a screenshot of your settings, a frame that looks soft to you, and some more detail so we can help you find the best compression settings.

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    Screenshot_2019-01-14 05.56.01_uuwtKN.png

    This machine is working very well for me.


    Two things to consider - The Thunderbolt 3 ports will only give you decent data rates to external drives if you use quality Thunderbolt 3 cables. Using a cheap cable will turn a perfectly usable external SSD into a useless drive.


    Here is a comparison of the same drive with two different cables:

    Cheap Cable:

    Screenshot_2019-01-14 06.04.01_OsHknf.png

    Quality Cable:

    Screenshot_2019-01-14 06.06.27_V6njBU.png

    Spending a little more on a cable can increase the read/write speed by more than 10 times.


    The internal storage on an iMac pro is insanely fast.

    Screenshot_2019-01-14 06.00.06_exve60.png

    There should be nothing keeping you from doing professional work on an iMac Pro if you have properly configured the system, picked the right components, and know how to use After Effects in an efficient way.


    Just for fun, I did a screen cap of the first two minutes of preparing a clip for some camera tracking and compositing. This shows me checking the clip in the footage panel, creating a comp, and adding a LUT and some color adjustments prior to doing some camera tracking and completing the composite. 4K ProRez HQ, Trillions of colors, 16bit project. After the first color adjustment a nearly real-time preview right off the top and easy scrubbing. That's as good or better than AE has ever worked for me with 10-bit footage on any system. The footage is off the external 2 TB SSD I use as the source for my working files, I'm running a second monitor, Screenflow, Mail, Safari, Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere Pro are all running in the background.

    The next step is to pre-compose, camera track, add some graphics, use Render Garden to render the shot, then return to Premiere Pro and continue with the sequence I'm editing while this shot is rendering.


    If your iMac Pro isn't working pretty well then there is either something wrong with your hardware or your configuration.

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    Thanks for sharing the solution. I'll add this to my troubleshooting notes.




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    Thanks for sharing the workaround, AdamS0913!

    I'll also check the bug database to find out if this is a bug.




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    Hi jhons,


    Sorry to hear that After Effects is crashing on you when you click Create text and camera.

    Please provide more information so that we can help you better.

    FAQ: What information should I provide when asking a question on this forum?


    Let us know, we're here to help.


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